The importance of collaboration in industrialized construction

The steel frame construction system is highly efficient and offers numerous advantages over other conventional construction methods. However, at STALART we know that, in industrialized construction, to obtain the best results, It is essential that the different professionals involved in a project work collaboratively and maintain fluid communication throughout the entire construction process.

Construction with Steel Frame involves the participation of various professionals, from architects and engineers to builders and suppliers of materials.

Each of these professionals plays a crucial role in the construction process and their collaboration is essential to achieve a quality work that meets customer expectations.

Architects and engineers:

They must work together at the design stage to ensure that the structure is properly designed and meets all safety and functionality requirements. Architects should design the structure and spaces optimally, taking full advantage of the steel frame. Engineers, for their part, must be in charge of calculating and designing the structure and structural elements, so that the resistance and stability of the construction are guaranteed.


They must be trained and specialized in the construction with steel frame, so that they can carry out the assembly and installation of the elements correctly and efficiently. It is important that builders are in constant communication with architects and engineers, to resolve any questions or unforeseen events that may arise during construction.

Material suppliers:

Very important that they are also involved in the project from the beginning, and that they work in collaboration with the rest of the professionals to ensure that the materials are of quality and meet the specific requirements of the project.

Éxito del sistema Steel Frame tras la visita de nuestros promotores

Fluid communication and collaboration between the different professionals involved in a project with steel frame is essential to ensure quality and efficiency in construction. Good coordination in the different phases of the project allows identifying possible problems and solving them in a timely manner, avoiding delays and additional costs.

In summary, the construction with steelframe requires constant collaboration and communication between the different professionals involved in the project. At STALART we believe that this collaboration is essential to ensure the quality, efficiency and success of the project as a whole. Therefore, it is important that developers, builders, architects and engineers work together in a coordinated and efficient way to achieve the best results in each project.

The future of the Steel Frame

What we have learned about the future of the Steel Frame after REBUILD 2023.

Industrialized construction and use of the Steel Frame are likely to continue to gain ground in the construction industry in the future until it becomes one of the most construction models market promise.

After attending the REBUILD fair, talks, conferences, visits by architects, promoters and builders …, At STALART we have had the opportunity to acquire a vision of the present and the future of industrialized construction in Steel Frame.

Industrialized construction has evolved significantly in recent decades and steelframe has been a constructive technique that has played an important role in this evolution.

There are several reasons why the Steel Frame is a constructive technique. prometedora para la construcción industrializada del futuro:

  • First of all, construction speed is a key advantage, since precast components can be quickly assembled in the workplace. This translates into a significant reduction in construction times and, therefore, a decrease in costs.
  • Secondly, the steel frame is a highly sustainable construction technique, since the materials used are mostly recyclable and can be reused in future projects. In addition, the use of the steel frame can contribute to the reduction of construction waste and the costs associated with the disposal of this waste.
  • Third, the steel frame is a highly customizable construction technique, which means that buildings constructed with this technique can have a wide variety of designs and styles. This allows architects and designers to work more freely and creatively in project planning.

Furthermore, Steel Framing offers significant advantages in terms of safety and durability. Steel frame structures are resistant to earthquakes and fires, which makes them a safe and reliable option for the construction of buildings in areas of high seismic or fire risk.

As for the future of industrialized construction, the steel frame is likely to remain a popular and constantly evolving construction technique. Over time, new construction materials and techniques will appear that further improve the efficiency and sustainability of this construction model. 

Furthermore, technology and innovation can play an important role in the industrialized construction of the future. For example, 3D printing can be a useful tool in building complex and custom steel frame components.

  • Automation can also play an important role in the industrialized construction of the future. Automated manufacturing and construction can further reduce construction times and costs, while improving quality and precision.
  • Digitization is another key aspect. Digital tools, such as construction information modeling ( BIM ), can improve construction efficiency and allow for greater collaboration between construction teams and contractors.

In short, the future of industrialized construction is promising and the steel frame is a key construction technique that can play an important role in its evolution. Speed, sustainability, customization and security are some of the key advantages of the steel frame, and it is likely to remain a popular option for building construction in the future.

Furthermore, technology and innovation can play an important role in the evolution of the steel frame and of industrialized construction in general, and new techniques and tools are likely to be developed to further improve construction efficiency, sustainability, and quality. The future of industrialized construction is exciting and the steel frame is a constructive technique that will continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of the market.

Stalart revolutionizes the world of construction at Rebuild 2023

Stalart revoluciona Rebuild 2023

Manuel Marrama, CEO of STALART, presented the latest news from the company at the REBUILD construction fair. With a stand installation that took less than eight hours to complete, the company brought a life-size construction section of a home to the fair, a bit of what a real project would be.


STALART is a company specialized in the design, justification of structural calculation, manufacture and assembly of steel frame structures, as well as residential buildings at height. The company has managed to generate very fast structures, capable of closing the exterior facades and the interior divisions in a super efficient way, which allows working in buildings without limit of heights.

At REBUILD 2023, STALART presented a construction section in which they combined hot rolled steel with steel frame or cold shaped steel. Through a model, it was possible to see how scalability is generated in the process, in which, from a primary structure of hot laminate, using the cold-formed steel system and light 2D panels, they fill in the different levels.


The company proposed the example of how to go one step further, by creating structures for industrialized bathrooms, which are not only structures to generate a bathroom or an industrialized kitchen, they are also carriers in the house, which means that they avoid duplication in the structure and reduce costs. In the construction process, the bathroom first arrives at the construction site and is positioned on the foundation slab, and then the rest of the process is completed with assembly.


In short, STALART presented a series of innovations at the REBUILDEXPO fair that point to a revolution in the construction sector in the coming years.