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Stalart Partners Program

We help create an ecosystem of companies in search of constant improvement. Our model is based on the concept of industrialization of construction.

Our participation is not limited to manufacturing and assembling cold formed steel structures or steel framing. We provide value in the different phases of the project to act as a link between all the actors of the projects.

  • With the architect, we collaborate from the basic or preliminary project phases and accompany the process until the end of it. We provide you with the justification of the structural calculation designed, calculated and approved.
  • With the main contractor, we help you in planning the work process. Our participation is a key piece to reduce the deadlines in your planning.
  • With the builder, we guide you in the moments of action of each game, execution times and materials to solve any constructive solution.
  • With the developer, we help you plan from the early stage of the project, providing the companies that the project needs so that it can be executed. In the same way we train the companies that usually work with the developer.
  • With the investor, we provide a comprehensive solution to obtain the highest possible return in the shortest time.

All the companies that are participating in our ecosystem, form a pole of attraction and innovation, with total orientation to the end customer. All the stories / projects have in common the active listening of the client, their needs and their dreams. The companies in this small ecosystem simply seek to reproduce those ideas of our clients, in the most efficient and exact way possible, guaranteeing the best results and achieving truly spectacular execution times.