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Our industrialized system based on cold formed steel structures, steel frame, can be applied in a multitude of markets or applications. As there are no limitations in terms of design and execution, together with the fact that it is a layered system that allows selecting the appropriate materials for each market and for each use, it can be adapted to any need.

At StalArt we have one of the most versatile systems on the market to provide a solution to any construction project.

The most common implementations are:

– Promotion of semi-detached, semi-detached and individual dwellings.
– Promotion of residential buildings of up to 4 heights.
– Promotion of residential buildings for the exterior enclosure and interior partitions.
– Buildings for education (schools, institutes, nurseries, academies, sports locker rooms).
– Residences for the elderly.
– Hospitals and clinics.
– Fast food restaurants, restaurants, shops.
– Single-family, housing of any level.
– Resorts, hotels.
– Industrial ships
– Offices