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The importance of collaboration in industrialized construction

The steel frame construction system is highly efficient and offers numerous advantages over other conventional construction methods. However, at STALART we know that, in industrialized construction, to obtain the best results, It is essential that the different professionals involved in a project work collaboratively and maintain fluid communication throughout the entire construction process.

Construction with Steel Frame involves the participation of various professionals, from architects and engineers to builders and suppliers of materials.

Each of these professionals plays a crucial role in the construction process and their collaboration is essential to achieve a quality work that meets customer expectations.

Architects and engineers:

They must work together at the design stage to ensure that the structure is properly designed and meets all safety and functionality requirements. Architects should design the structure and spaces optimally, taking full advantage of the steel frame. Engineers, for their part, must be in charge of calculating and designing the structure and structural elements, so that the resistance and stability of the construction are guaranteed.


They must be trained and specialized in the construction with steel frame, so that they can carry out the assembly and installation of the elements correctly and efficiently. It is important that builders are in constant communication with architects and engineers, to resolve any questions or unforeseen events that may arise during construction.

Material suppliers:

Very important that they are also involved in the project from the beginning, and that they work in collaboration with the rest of the professionals to ensure that the materials are of quality and meet the specific requirements of the project.

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Fluid communication and collaboration between the different professionals involved in a project with steel frame is essential to ensure quality and efficiency in construction. Good coordination in the different phases of the project allows identifying possible problems and solving them in a timely manner, avoiding delays and additional costs.

In summary, the construction with steelframe requires constant collaboration and communication between the different professionals involved in the project. At STALART we believe that this collaboration is essential to ensure the quality, efficiency and success of the project as a whole. Therefore, it is important that developers, builders, architects and engineers work together in a coordinated and efficient way to achieve the best results in each project.