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Stalart revolutionizes the world of construction at Rebuild 2023

Manuel Marrama, CEO of STALART, presented the latest news from the company at the REBUILD construction fair. With a stand installation that took less than eight hours to complete, the company brought a life-size construction section of a home to the fair, a bit of what a real project would be.


STALART is a company specialized in the design, justification of structural calculation, manufacture and assembly of steel frame structures, as well as residential buildings at height. The company has managed to generate very fast structures, capable of closing the exterior facades and the interior divisions in a super efficient way, which allows working in buildings without limit of heights.

At REBUILD 2023, STALART presented a construction section in which they combined hot rolled steel with steel frame or cold shaped steel. Through a model, it was possible to see how scalability is generated in the process, in which, from a primary structure of hot laminate, using the cold-formed steel system and light 2D panels, they fill in the different levels.


The company proposed the example of how to go one step further, by creating structures for industrialized bathrooms, which are not only structures to generate a bathroom or an industrialized kitchen, they are also carriers in the house, which means that they avoid duplication in the structure and reduce costs. In the construction process, the bathroom first arrives at the construction site and is positioned on the foundation slab, and then the rest of the process is completed with assembly.


In short, STALART presented a series of innovations at the REBUILDEXPO fair that point to a revolution in the construction sector in the coming years.