STALART: Advances and Achievements in the Steel Frame Sector in the Past Year

In the past year, STALART has consolidated its position as a leader in the Steel Frame construction sector in Spain.

It has achieved significant advances in digitalization, collaboration, structural calculation justification, fire resistance, and sustainability.

By obtaining prestigious quality certifications and executing high-end projects, STALART has demonstrated that industrialization can combine efficiency, customization, and luxury design.

Furthermore, its participation in key associations and the development of regulations have facilitated the inclusion of industrialized systems in public and private projects, opening new opportunities in the market.

1. Digitalization and collaboration:

– Digitalization: STALART has integrated advanced technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) and 3D software to design and optimize structures. These tools enable precise planning, reducing errors, and improving efficiency at all project stages.
– Collaboration: A collaborative work environment has been fostered, where different teams and construction systems work together to optimize results. This has improved communication and coordination, resulting in more coherent and higher-quality projects.

2. Structural calculation justification and fire resistance:

– Structural Calculation: Advanced methodologies and software have been implemented to justify and approve structural calculations, ensuring that all structures comply with safety regulations and standards.
– Fire Resistance: Intensive work has been done to improve the fire resistance of Steel Frame structures, increasing the safety and durability of the constructions.

3. Quality certifications:

– ISO 9001 and 14001: These certifications ensure that STALART meets high standards of quality in its processes and environmental practices.
– UNE EN 1090: This standard for metallic structures allows STALART to mark its products with the CE certificate, ensuring compliance with European regulations and increasing confidence in its products.

4. Sustainability certificates:

– LEED and EPD: STALART has obtained LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certificates for its materials, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and reduced environmental impact in its projects.

5. High-End projects and customization:

– Luxury Projects: STALART has demonstrated that industrialization can be applied to high-end projects, combining efficiency and quality with a high level of customization and aesthetic design. This includes luxury residential and commercial buildings where uniqueness and design are paramount.

6. Ecosystem and associations:

– Participation in Associations: STALART is part of associations and committees that develop regulations and guides for industrialization in construction. This includes collaboration with REBUILD and other organizations to promote sector improvements.
– Development of Guides: Contribution to the creation of guides that standardize and validate industrialized construction systems, facilitating their adoption in the market.

7. Financing and public works:

– Financing: Efforts have been made to overcome traditional difficulties in financing industrialized projects, working with financial institutions to close the gap in offsite construction financing.
– Public Works: STALART has influenced the creation of specifications and regulations that allow the inclusion of industrialized systems in public tenders, opening new opportunities for industrialized construction in government projects.


These advances not only position STALART as a leader in Steel Frame construction in Spain but also demonstrate its ability to innovate and adapt to market needs, offering sustainable, efficient, and high-quality solutions.

Overcoming urban challenges: STALART’s construction solutions for limited spaces

STALART para espacios limitados

In modern metropolises where every square meter counts, innovation in construction is crucial for maximizing available urban space.

STALART, a pioneer in the implementation of steel frame in Spain, stands out for its ability to transform small urban plots into functional and aesthetic developments. This news focuses on how STALART’s steel frame offers effective solutions for building in limited spaces, a growing need in densely populated cities.

Optimizing space with steel frame

Steel frame is an ideal solution for construction in urban areas with limited space. This technology allows STALART to build thinner and stronger structures without the bulky supports required by traditional methods. Thanks to the lightness and strength of steel, buildings can reach greater heights with less base material, thus maximizing usable space both horizontally and vertically.

A clear example of how STALART has worked in limited spaces is the project in Castellón de la Plana.

Key advantages of steel frame in limited spaces

1. Increased usable area: By reducing the need for thick columns and load-bearing walls, steel frame allows for greater utilization of interior space. This is crucial for projects where every square meter is valuable.
2. Design flexibility: The versatility of steel frame facilitates the implementation of complex and customized designs that adapt to site constraints and specific project needs.
3. Fast and clean construction: Prefabrication of steel frame components significantly reduces construction time and site impact, an important benefit in congested urban areas where every workday counts.
4. Sustainability: Steel framing is not only space-efficient but also sustainable. The materials are mostly recyclable, and the efficiency of the process reduces waste on the construction site.
5. Reduced foundation loads: Due to the lightweight nature of steel framing materials, the load on building foundations is significantly less compared to traditional concrete structures. This is especially advantageous in urban areas where soil may have limited load-bearing capacity or where underground conditions pose construction challenges. Reducing foundation loads not only allows for faster and safer construction but can also significantly lower construction costs.

Impact on the community and environment

In addition to optimizing space, STALART’s steel frame constructions have a positive impact on the community and environment. By reducing construction durations and using sustainable materials, disruptions to local residents are minimized, contributing to more responsible urban development.

STALART’s ability to implement steel frame in constrained urban environments not only demonstrates a commitment to innovation in construction but also reflects a proactive adaptation to the needs of modern urban spaces. With each project, STALART not only addresses the challenge of spatial limitations but also sets new standards for the future of sustainable and efficient urban construction.

Transformative collaborations: STALART and the fusion of engineering and innovative architecture.

On the cutting edge of the construction industry, STALART stands out for its innovative use of the Steel Frame construction system in Spain.

STALART is revolutionizing the way construction projects are conceptualized and executed through strategic partnerships with engineers and architects across the country. This collaborative approach not only fosters excellence in design and construction but also optimizes each project for optimal and sustainable performance.

Collaboration in industrialized construction

STALART has transformed the dialogue between architecture and engineering through its revolutionary approach that integrates BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology and advanced fabrication techniques using Steel Framing. This methodology not only ensures millimetric precision in projects but also reduces waste and improves resource efficiency. By collaborating with visionary architects, STALART turns innovative concepts into concrete realities, ensuring that these constructions are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Landmark projects built with steel frame

One of the most notable examples of this synergy can be seen in the development of the spectacular 3 villas of Alfinach. For this project, STALART collaborated with the architectural firm Balzar Arquitectos to create a design that not only complies with strict urban regulations but also offers innovative design. The use of prefabricated facade panels and the implementation of advanced insulation systems are proof of STALART’s commitment to industrialized steel frame construction and energy efficiency.

Other noteworthy projects include Centro Deportivo de Pádel en París, la bodega Masos de Guadalest, o las casas flotantes de Polonia .

Technology and innovation

STALART’s collaborations focus on the innovative use of steel frame. This system allows the design of structures that are robust yet surprisingly lightweight, enabling rapid construction and reducing the impact on the construction site. The versatility of steel frame also allows for designs that would be difficult to execute with conventional building materials.

Sustainability: A key value at STALART

Sustainability is a cornerstone of every STALART project. The company is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of its constructions by using recyclable materials and systems that reduce the building’s energy consumption once occupied. This philosophy, shared by the architects and engineers we work with, not only responds to the growing global demand for sustainable construction but also sets new industry standards for sustainable development.

Education and training

STALART values education as an essential component for advancing the steel frame construction industry, as demonstrated in their work with GIPCE (Gremi de Promotors i Constructors d’Edificis de Girona) in Girona. The company develops training programs for architects and engineers, ensuring that professionals are well-versed in the latest technologies and construction techniques using steel frame, thereby promoting continuous innovation in the sector.

STALART looking towards the future

With a vision set on expanding its network of collaborations both in Spain and internationally, STALART demonstrates that borders do not limit innovation and excellence in construction.

The fusion of engineering and architecture in STALART’s projects represents a celebration of what is possible when creativity meets advanced technology. Through these transformative collaborations, STALART is not only building structures but also shaping the future of sustainable and efficient steel frame construction.

Advantages of the steel frame system for architects, developers, constructors, and end users

Ventajas sistema steel frame

In the current construction landscape, innovation and efficiency are crucial to meet the growing demands for sustainability, speed, and quality.

One of the construction systems gaining traction due to its numerous benefits is the steel frame, where STALART leads in Spain.
This method, utilizing steel frame structures, offers significant advantages for various stakeholders in the construction sector, from architects and developers to builders and end users.

Advantages of Steel Frame for Architects: Innovation and Design Flexibility

1. Millimeter Precision: Steel frame technology allows for impressive accuracy in construction, ensuring fidelity to the original design.
2. Creative Freedom: The versatility of steel allows architects to explore innovative and complex designs without the constraints of more traditional building materials.
3. Adaptability: This system easily adapts to different architectural styles and is ideal for varied environmental and geographical conditions.
4. Reduced Environmental Impact: Steel is a sustainable material, as it is fully recyclable. This feature enables architects to design projects that comply with the highest standards of sustainable construction, increasingly relevant in modern architecture.

Advantages of Steel Frame for Developers: Profitability and Market Value

1. Rapid Construction: Construction time is significantly reduced, allowing for a much faster return on investment.
2. Lower Environmental Impact: By generating less waste and using recyclable materials, steel frame projects are more attractive to environmentally conscious buyers.
3. Durability: Steel frame structures have a prolonged lifespan, increasing the long-term value of real estate projects.
4. Predictability and Control: Thanks to the precision in the manufacturing and assembly of steel frame, developers can better manage project risks, minimizing construction surprises that often cause delays and cost overruns.

Advantages of Steel Frame for Builders: Efficiency and Safety

1. Ease of Assembly: Prefabricated components are quickly assembled on the construction site, reducing construction times and labor costs.
2. Workplace Safety: The risk of accidents is reduced due to the lightness of the materials and less risky assembly processes.
3. Less Weather Dependence: Being a dry construction system, it is less affected by inclement weather, allowing year-round work.
4. Logistical Efficiency: Steel frame system components are prefabricated and delivered ready for assembly, minimizing disruptions on site due to cuts, adjustments, and material preparations typically required in traditional constructions.

Advantages of Steel Frame for End Users: Comfort and Sustainability

1. High Energy Efficiency: Homes built with steel frame are generally more insulating and energy-efficient, translating into lower energy costs for occupants.
2. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Steel’s resistance to corrosion, mold, and termites significantly reduces maintenance costs over time.
3. Acoustic Comfort: The steel frame structure, combined with adequate insulation, offers excellent soundproofing, enhancing comfort within the home.
4. Flexibility for Future Modifications: Steel frame structures allow easy modification and expansion in the future. This is a significant advantage for end users who may want to adapt their spaces to new needs without involving major construction or additional costs.

Adopting the steel frame construction system is a logical and practical response to the current demands of the construction industry. It not only provides an efficient and sustainable solution but also offers tangible benefits for everyone involved in the construction process. From the design phase to the lifespan of the structure, steel frame stands out as a superior option that aligns the needs of construction professionals with the expectations of end users.

STALART and Sustainable Construction

STALART y construcción sostenible

Do you want to discover the reasons why STALART is the most sustainable option for your next construction project?

At STALART, we offer a system that enhances sustainability in construction. Choosing steel frame as a construction method not only minimizes environmental impact but also ensures the safest and most efficient construction process.
STALART is committed to leading the shift towards greener buildings, merging the sustainability of steel frame with the efficiency of construction in the controlled environment of a factory. This synergy not only eliminates waste during the construction phase but also marks a significant step in reducing the carbon footprint of the industry, demonstrating why this combination is not only superior to traditional construction methodologies but also essential for the future of a healthier planet.
STALART y construcción sostenible
230m² House Transported in Two Trucks to the Construction Site

1. Benefits of Manufacturing Structures with Steel Frame

Factory construction emerges as a crucial pillar for more sustainable building, noted for its ability to drastically reduce waste generation compared to traditional methods.

Through detailed and precise planning by our engineers, this approach ensures waste minimization from the design stage. Manufacturing building components in a controlled environment achieves superior precision and accuracy, which in turn reduces errors and the amount of waste generated. This process not only cuts down waste in the production phase but also on-site, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient environment.

– Reducing Transportation

One of the key advantages of factory construction is the significant reduction in the need for on-site transportation. By delivering only what is needed, when it is needed, we significantly reduce vehicle emissions associated with material transport, reinforcing our contribution to reducing the carbon footprint.

Our steel frame system is especially beneficial in minimizing transportation during the various phases of material storage, handling during the construction process, and supply to the site.

– Efficiency in Construction Time

The effectiveness of factory construction is evident in the acceleration of the construction process, achieving time reductions of 20% to 40% compared to conventional methods. This speed not only means fewer disruptions in the environment but also a reduced environmental impact during the construction phase.

– Reduction in Labor

Incorporating factory construction processes results in a significant reduction in the need for on-site labor, achieving reductions of up to 60%. This approach not only optimizes the construction process but also contributes to a safer and more managed work environment.


2. The Transformative Impact of Steel Frame on Sustainable Construction

The adoption of steel frame structures is a powerful strategy for reducing resource consumption in construction. This material not only stands out for its combination of strength, lightness, durability, and recyclability but also redefines sustainability standards in the sector.

– Efficiency and Strength:

Steel frame is notable for its unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio, which allows achieving the necessary structural integrity with less material. This approach not only increases project efficiency but is also key to reducing global resource consumption.

– Recyclability:

With a recycling rate close to 90%, steel stands as one of the most sustainable materials. This contrasts sharply with wood, whose recyclability is more complex, especially if treated, not to mention that its combustion releases CO2. Therefore, steel frame stands out for its ecological advantages.

– Ease of Dismantling:

Intentionally designed for easy dismantling, steel frame structures promote a dry construction model, which facilitates assembly and disassembly while minimizing waste generation. This approach is not only sustainable but also reduces the lifecycle cost of the project.

– Environmental Benefits:

The implementation of steel frame-based solutions offers the possibility of significantly reducing the construction sector’s carbon footprint. Research suggests that these practices could reduce the construction carbon footprint by 44% by 2050.

Opting for steel frame structures promotes more efficient resource use and less waste production, leading the construction sector toward a greener and more eco-friendly future.


3. Revolutionizing the Industry with Steel Frame

With the construction industry as one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions—accounting for nearly 39% of them—and a major consumer of natural resources, the urgency to innovate towards more sustainable practices is clear. Habitat degradation, biodiversity loss, and soil disturbances are just some of the consequences of conventional practices.

The implementation of steel frame is presented as one of the most effective strategies to reduce these emissions, aligning with the European Union’s goals of cutting waste generation by 30% by 2030.


4. A Carbon-Neutral Steel Future

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the selection of materials, opting for Arcelor Mittal’s Magnelis steel for our structures, known for its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. Today, it is already viable, through initiatives like xCarb™, to have materials certified as zero emissions, allowing companies like STALART to continue leading the way to a greener steel future, offering products that significantly reduce CO2 emissions.


Building with STALART is not just a choice for efficiency and sustainability; it is a step towards protecting the planet for future generations.

“Building has never been easier”

STALART shines at Rebuild 2024

This year, our participation in REBUILD 2024 has been very special.

Although we have opted for a different strategy than in previous years, since this time we did not have a physical stand, our active presence at the key events of the fair has demonstrated our commitment to innovation and sustainability in construction.

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From Tuesday, March 19, until Thursday, March 21, we had the privilege of sharing our experience and knowledge on the industrialization of construction through various presentations and forums. From the inspiring talk on “Industrializing facades” at the Alpac Innovation Theater to our participation in the Industrialization Challenge and the exciting discussion on “The New Resorts, High-End housing, and the role of industrialization”, each event was a unique opportunity to connect with professionals from the sector, exchange ideas, and explore the latest trends.

But beyond the conferences and presentations, our dinners and meals with clients and suppliers have been particularly meaningful moments. These informal meetings have given us the chance to strengthen existing relationships, establish new connections, and share perspectives on the future of sustainable construction.

We are immensely proud to report that our experience at REBUILD 2024 has far exceeded our expectations. We not only take away valuable contacts and promising projects but also renewed inspiration to continue driving innovation in our sector.

We sincerely thank all the professionals from the sector who joined us at these events and contributed to making REBUILD 2024 a resounding success. We say goodbye with the certainty that we will return next year, ready to continue building together a more sustainable and efficient future in the construction industry.


See you soon, REBUILD!

See you at the next edition!

STALART’s Schedule at Rebuild 2024

STALART, a pioneer in industrialized Steel Frame construction in Spain, will have a very active participation in Rebuild 2024.

With an intensive and committed schedule, STALART will be present at the leading event in innovation for the transformation of building construction on March 19th, 20th, and 21st, sharing their knowledge and experience in the industrialization of construction.

  • On Tuesday, March 19th, at the Alpac Innovation Theater in Pavilion 9, STALART will kick off its participation with the presentation “Industrializing Facades” from 3:30 PM to 3:45 PM. This meeting will focus on the latest innovations and techniques for the industrialization of facades, demonstrating how STALART is leading the way towards a more efficient and sustainable construction.
  • On Wednesday, March 20th, STALART’s agenda intensifies with two key events.
    • At 12:35 PM in the Cementos Molins Auditorium, we will participate in the Industrialization Challenge, a forum focused on providing industrialization solutions for new projects, which improve delivery times and the sustainability of new promotions.
    • Later, from 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM in the Holcim Auditorium, we will present “The New Resorts, High-End Housing, and the Role of Industrialization,” a must-attend talk on how industrialization is redefining the concept of luxury housing and resorts, marking a before and after in the sector. In addition to STALART, speakers will include Porcelanosa Offsite, Peronda, Balzar Architects, and dtscreativo as moderator.
  • On Thursday, March 21st, STALART will make a special appearance in the “Global Vision” program on Intereconomía, in a roundtable format, which will be broadcasted on Friday, March 22nd. This media participation is a unique opportunity to share our vision and commitment to innovation in construction with a wider audience, highlighting the crucial role of industrialization in the future of building construction.

STALART invites all professionals in the sector, interested in sustainable construction and innovation, to join us at these events. It will be an exceptional opportunity to get a close look at the latest trends, technologies, and solutions that are transforming the construction industry.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this revolution at REBUILD 2024. We look forward to seeing you there and sharing together towards a more sustainable and efficient future in construction!

STALART at Rebuild 2024. Leading the steel frame sector.

Participating in REBUILD has become a strategic pillar of our presence in the steel frame sector.

This year, although we have decided not to have a physical booth, our involvement as a partner in the event remains equally strong. Our strategy will focus on maximizing personal interaction, attending talks, establishing valuable contacts within the sector, and exploring the latest developments in suppliers and products.

Being at REBUILD is very important for STALART, as it allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the world of steel frame construction, strengthen our relationships with clients and suppliers, and explore new business opportunities. This event is an unparalleled platform for innovation and networking, crucial elements for any company aspiring to be a leader in the construction sector and, particularly for us, in the field of steel frame construction.

“CEO Manuel Marrama’s Talk at REBUILD 2023”

Our experience in previous editions of REBUILD was very positive, as it gave us the opportunity to connect directly with clients and partners. This year, we will attend without a booth, aiming for a different approach, seeking more fluid and direct interaction. This does not diminish our presence; on the contrary, we will be fully accessible throughout the event. For those wishing to contact us, we emphasize that, although we do not have a physical space, our presence will be palpable through our active participation in talks and meetings.

Contacting STALART at REBUILD is as simple as sending us a message; we will be delighted to schedule a meeting.

We firmly believe in the importance of being present, of being part of the conversations that shape the future of our sector.

REBUILD is not just an event; it is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability in the steel frame sector.

Rebuild 2024

REBUILD is a prominent event in the building sector that promotes innovation through industrialization, sustainability, digitization, and the design of new materials. It takes place at IFEMA Madrid from March 19 to 21, 2024, bringing together over 200 brands showcasing their latest solutions. The event includes the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0, where more than 600 experts share projects and success stories in industrialized construction, digitization, and decarbonization. REBUILD positions itself as the main forum for the transformation of the building sector, driving digitization and decarbonization, and bringing together over 24,000 professionals in search of industrial partners and innovative solutions.

The Construction of the Future: STALART Promotes Steel Frame in Girona

Last week, we were in Girona, organizing a series of theoretical and practical workshops at the GIPCE (Gremi de Promotors i Constructors d’Edificis de Girona). We focused on the transformative potential of the steel frame system, with the participation of companies such as Thermochip and MO Arquitectura.

This experience was not only a testament to our commitment to innovation and education but also a valuable opportunity to strengthen ties, deeply understand market needs, and project solutions that truly make a difference.


A Gathering of Great Minds

From the outset, our goal was clear: to create a space where professionals, enthusiasts, and the curious within the industry could immerse themselves in the world of steel frame, sharing knowledge, debating ideas, and exploring new possibilities. The workshops, designed to blend theory and practice, provided participants with a comprehensive view of the most advanced techniques, emerging trends, and current challenges in the industry.

Mutual Learning and Enrichment

By opening our doors to the community, we not only shared our knowledge and experience but also gained significant external perspectives. This feedback is vital for our company, as it helps us refine our approach, improve our solutions, and ultimately, better serve our clients and the industry at large.

Forging Synergies for the Future

Collaborating with Thermochip and MO Arquitectura not only strengthened our event but also cemented a relationship based on deep understanding and mutual respect. These kinds of synergies are what we believe will propel STALART and our partners towards new horizons of success. They allow us to combine our strengths, share our visions, and work together towards common goals, always with a focus on innovation and excellence.

Steel Frame and STALART, Looking Forward

The experience in Girona has been a confirmation of our mission: to lead by example, drive change, and promote the adoption of sustainable and efficient construction solutions. The workshops were not only a showcase of what is possible when passion meets innovation but also a reminder of the importance of collaboration in the growth and development of our industry.

At STALART, we see ourselves not merely as providers of advanced construction solutions; we consider ourselves an integral part of a community that is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible. This event is just one example of how, by working together, we can face challenges, transform visions into realities, and most importantly, build a more sustainable and efficient future for everyone.

Acknowledgments and Next Steps

We want to express our sincerest thanks to all those who participated in the workshops, from speakers to attendees, for their enthusiasm, commitment, and willingness to explore new ideas. Their participation was essential for the success of the event and inspires us to continue with even more ambitious projects.

We are more motivated than ever to continue our work of innovation in the construction sector. We are exploring new collaborations, developing innovative projects, and constantly seeking ways to improve our practices.


STALART strengthens bonds in a brotherhood gathering in La Vall d’Uixó

On Friday, January 12, STALART, the leading company in steel frame manufacturing in Spain, organized a special experience for the entire team and international clients. This unique event, bringing together clients from Greece, Germany, and Poland, not only celebrated excellence in steel structure manufacturing but also solidified the brotherhood that binds STALART with its global collaborators.

Prior to the event, STALART’s CEO, Manuel Marrama, showcased ongoing projects to the visitors, sharing his vision and passion for the industry. The site visits were not only an opportunity to demonstrate STALART’s dedication to quality and innovation but also to strengthen the connection with clients.

After the visits, the stage was set for a brotherhood gathering at La Villa el Fondo, located in La Vall d’Uixó and surrounded by vast orange groves. The gathering featured a barbecue that marked the beginning of a day filled with fun and laughter. Team members shared anecdotes, experiences, and the passion that drives each project. Clients, in turn, shared their perspectives, creating an exchange that transcended mere business transactions.

As the sun bid farewell on the horizon, the day came to an end. This event was not just a celebration of shared achievements but also a reminder that at STALART, we build more than steel structures; we build relationships that withstand the test of time.”