Speed, the indisputable hallmark of STALART

Construir en Steel Frame tu casa con gran velocidad

Speed is of paramount importance in the world of industrialized Steel Frame construction. This swiftness in the construction process provides significant advantages in terms of efficiency, costs, and customer satisfaction. Steel Frame construction allows for a drastic reduction in construction timelines compared to traditional methods, as a substantial portion of the structure is prefabricated in a controlled factory environment. This not only shortens construction times but also minimizes exposure to adverse weather conditions, thus reducing the risk of delays.

Speed in Steel Frame construction also has a positive impact on cost management, as projects are completed more quickly, saving money on labor and other associated expenses. Furthermore, the swift completion of a project enables clients to start using or selling their properties sooner, potentially generating additional income.

Last but not least, speed is essential for meeting the growing demands for housing and commercial buildings in an ever-changing world. Steel Frame construction offers the ability to build faster without sacrificing quality, which is crucial in densely populated urban environments and urgent situations, such as post-natural disaster housing construction.

I would like to learn more about the advantages of industrialized Steel Frame construction and see examples of speed in Steel Frame construction by STALART.

Examples of speed in industrialized construction in Steel Frame by STALART

Location: Madrid

Description: The structure of this residence, installed in record time, has posed a significant challenge to demonstrate that in industrialized construction, the combination of steel frame + planning + digitalization forms a powerful tool for any construction project. 🛠️🏡

Execution Time: STALART, in collaboration with Gesteelframe, has carried out the assembly planning and execution within a 4-day timeframe. ⏱️

Location: Foios (Valencia)

Description: With the arrival of the heat, it’s essential to act quickly and protect yourself, just like in this example of a home expansion with a porch structure executed in one week’s time.

Execution Time: 1 week

Location: Gilet (Valencia)

Description: The envelope of this residence has been installed in 7 working days. Moving forward, the interior and exterior finishes will be carried out by a local conventional construction company.

Cleanliness – Efficiency – Precision

Execution Time: 7 working days

Location: Segorbe (Castellón de La Plana)

Description: Installation of partitions inside a 180m2 clinic. The decision to choose STALART’s structural product was based on:

– Speed,
– Cleanliness,
– No waste,
– Preparation of reinforcements in walls for suspended furniture,
– Customized installation pathways for utilities,
– Reinforcements in areas with hanging sliding doors.

Execution Time: 1 day

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The STALART team, leading industrialized construction in Steel Frame

Welcome to our company, STALART, the leader in industrialized construction in Steel Frame. We are located in La Vall d’Uixó, nestled between Castellón de La Plana and Valencia, Spain. Here, innovation, quality, and our commitment to our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Today, we want to introduce you to our most valuable assets: our team, our strategic partnerships, and our vision for the future.


Our company is a tight-knit family of passionate and dedicated professionals, allowing us to undertake any Steel Frame industrialized construction project. Our team is divided into two fundamental parts: the factory workers and the office professionals.

  1. Factory Workers: At the core of our operation are our highly skilled and passionate factory workers who toil in our production facility. They are the craftsmen behind our projects, experts in manufacturing high-quality steel structures and components. Their skill and dedication ensure that our products are resilient, efficient, and meet the most demanding standards.

  2. Office Professionals: In our offices, we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals who play essential roles in the company’s success:

    • Architects and Engineers: Our engineers are the brains behind every project. They develop precise designs and innovative technical solutions to ensure the stability and safety of our structures. They work closely with our factory workers to execute projects efficiently.
    • Accountants and Administrators: Our accounting and administrative team ensures our financial operations are in order. They ensure each project is managed profitably, with all financial aspects under control.
    • Communication Department: Our communication team is responsible for sharing our story, projects, and values with the world.

Our Strategic Location

We are strategically located in La Vall d’Uixó, a city with a privileged geographical position in the Valencian Community, Spain. Our proximity to major transportation hubs is a significant advantage for our business.

Road Connections: La Vall d’Uixó boasts excellent road connections, allowing us quick access to major transportation routes in the region. We are connected to the AP-7 highway, part of Spain’s highway network, which links us to other major cities in Spain and Europe. This road infrastructure enables us to easily mobilize our products and equipment across the country.

Access to Seaports: In addition to road connections, La Vall d’Uixó is within a reasonable distance from the seaports of Valencia. The Port of Valencia is one of Spain’s most important ports and provides access to international markets. This efficient export route is crucial for our operations.

STALART's Vision for the Future

Our vision is to become the undisputed leader in the Steel Frame industrialized construction industry, not only in Spain but on the international stage. We are committed to excellence in every project we undertake and total client satisfaction. We aim to continue developing sustainable and efficient construction solutions.

STALART, a Growing Family

From our humble beginnings, we have steadily grown over the years. Our company is like a large family that values collaboration, quality, and commitment. Our vision is to keep expanding our operations while staying true to our roots and core values.

Every member of our team is an integral part of our success, and we value their unique contributions. We foster a work environment where creativity, innovation, and accountability are paramount to our progress. We believe in ongoing training and professional development to stay at the forefront of the Steel Frame industrialized construction industry.

La Vall d’Uixó is our home and our starting point, but we aspire to transcend borders and challenge the limits of what is possible in industrialized construction. Our strategic location, our highly skilled professional team, and our unwavering commitment to quality position us to achieve this ambitious vision.

STALART is committed to competitive development.

STALART is a leading Valencian company in the industrialized construction sector specializing in Steel Frame, and it is committed to competitive development in the current market. With its extensive experience in the industry (over 20 years), it focuses on innovation and continuous improvement to offer high-quality products and services. In this blog, you will discover how STALART has managed to establish itself as one of the most important companies in Spain in the Steel Framing sector.

1. What is Competitive Development?

Competitive development is a business approach that aims to enhance a company’s position in the market through the implementation of innovative and efficient strategies. For STALART, competitive development is a key tool to increase productivity and improve economic results. By adopting a mindset of continuous improvement and a focus on innovation, a company can stay at the forefront of its industry and enhance its ability to compete with other market players.

2. Benefits of Competitive Development for STALART.

One of the main benefits of competitive development for STALART is the increase in productivity and improvement in financial results. By focusing on process optimization and innovation in its products and services, STALART can differentiate itself from competitors and offer more efficient and effective solutions to its customers. Additionally, competitive development can also foster company growth and provide new business opportunities. To achieve this, effective strategies must be implemented, and challenges will be addressed, as discussed in point 4.

3. STALART's Strategies to Promote Competitive Development.

One of STALART’s primary objectives is competitive development. To achieve this, the company has implemented a series of strategies focused on improving productivity and strengthening its position in the market. These strategies include: – Constant innovation – Investment in technology – Ongoing training for its staff – Partnerships with suppliers, builders, architects, engineers, and strategic clients (STALART Partners Program).

4. Challenges in Implementing a Competitive Development Strategy at STALART.

The implementation of a competitive development strategy comes with various obstacles and challenges:

– Internal resistance to change: It is crucial to involve employees in the implementation process and clearly communicate the expected benefits of this strategy.
– Lack of resources
– Fierce competition in the market
– The need to balance investment in innovation with the necessity to maintain short-term profitability. Despite these challenges, STALART believes that competitive development is the key to its long-term success and is committed to continuing to invest in this area of its business.

In general, the implementation of a competitive development strategy at STALART requires careful attention and detailed planning to overcome challenges and achieve desired results.

5. Conclusions from STALART.

In conclusion, STALART has chosen to invest in competitive development as a means to increase its productivity and improve its financial results. The company aims to stay at the forefront in this traditional, competitive, and demanding market to find its path toward sustainable commercial success.

The Steel Frame System by STALART is a modern and sustainable solution that is inspiring future architects and builders.

The Steel Frame System by STALART is a modern and sustainable solution that is inspiring future architects and builders. In a constantly evolving world, industrialized construction has emerged as an innovative and sustainable solution to meet the growing demands for infrastructure. This system combines efficiency and versatility, construction speed, durability, and resistance to weather elements. Homes, buildings, or houses built with Steel Frame are more energy-efficient, which means that owners can save on long-term energy costs. This is inspiring future architects and builders to rethink how the world is constructed. In this transformative landscape, STALART, the leading company in the industrialized construction sector in Spain, has stood out with its visionary approach to the Steel Frame system. With STALART, you can learn to use their Steel Frame system as a modern and efficient alternative to traditional construction methods.

The Paradigm of the Steel Frame System

The Steel Frame system, also known as lightweight steel structure, has changed the way construction is conceived and executed. In contrast to traditional construction methods, which involve a significant amount of materials and time, Steel Frame harnesses the strength of galvanized steel to create durable and adaptable structures. This technique has proven to be especially effective in the construction of multi-story buildings, where the relationship between weight and strength is critical.

STALART has taken this technique and elevated it to new heights, demonstrating that industrialized construction is not only a pragmatic solution but also a source of inspiration for future generations. Through their experience in applying the Steel Frame system, the company has shown how modern and sustainable architecture can coexist.

Innovation That Inspires

STALART has led the way in promoting industrialized construction in Spain. The Steel Frame system allows architects and builders to unleash their creativity while maintaining efficiency and structural integrity. The inherent flexibility of lightweight steel enables geometrically challenging designs that might have been considered impractical before. Architects and architecture students find STALART to be a constant source of inspiration. Successful project examples demonstrate how Steel Frame can be the answer to 21st-century architectural challenges. Prefabricated panels and precise construction techniques allow for a level of detail and execution that was previously difficult to achieve.

Education and Training for the Future

STALART has not only inspired through practical work but has also taken an active role in educating and training future architects and builders. The company has developed the STALART Partners Program, an ecosystem of companies dedicated to continuous improvement. STALART has participated in conferences and informative talks in collaboration with universities and architecture schools. These events not only promote knowledge about industrialized construction and the Steel Frame system but also encourage creativity and the exploration of new design approaches. Architecture students can find valuable resources in STALART to expand their horizons beyond the conventional. The opportunity to interact with experienced professionals and engage in real projects has proven to be an enriching experience.
partners STALART

Sustainability and Efficiency: Inspiration for All

The Steel Frame system not only inspires from a creative standpoint but also resonates with the growing concern for sustainability and efficiency in construction. Future architects and builders are aware of the need to reduce environmental footprint and optimize resource use, and Steel Frame offers a tangible solution. Galvanized steel is highly recyclable, reducing environmental impact compared to conventional construction materials. Construction speed is also a crucial factor in the inspiration that the Steel Frame system provides to future industry professionals. Shorter construction timelines not only mean fewer disruptions to the surrounding community but also the possibility of completing projects more efficiently and, therefore, more profitably.

Looking to the Future

STALART continues to lead the way in industrialized construction and the Steel Frame system in Spain. As technology and construction techniques continue to evolve, the company is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and continuing to inspire future architects and builders. The combination of creativity, sustainability, and efficiency that Steel Frame offers is a beacon for those seeking to build a better and more beautiful world.

Manuel Marrama from STALART, awarded by CEO Monthly magazine as the Most Influential CEO 2023.

CEO Monthly is a monthly digital subscription-free magazine founded in 2010, with a current circulation of about 48,000 copies and the aim of providing the most up-to-date knowledge, interviews, and profiles of CEOs in the international corporate landscape. This magazine is part of the renowned AI Global Media publishing group, a distinguished B2B digital publication company with an international track record, committed to delivering reliable content to each of its readers, subscribers, clients, collaborators, advertisers, and visitors.

In the magazine’s publications, recognition is given to the hard work of companies across various markets and countries. The editorial team strives to stay abreast of the ever-changing international corporate landscape, providing the latest news and updates. They value the importance of leadership in achieving success.

In 2020, STALART Spain was founded under the leadership of Manuel Marrama, and under his management, the growth and evolution of STALART Spain have been exponential. This is one of the main reasons why Manuel Marrama has received this prestigious award, but not the only one. STALART Spain has expanded its workforce, internationalized its operations, and thereby doubled its projects year after year. They are committed to the digitization of processes and the promotion of collaboration with architects, manufacturers, builders, and engineers. They are also committed to process sustainability and have been continually improving their systems, obtaining quality certificates such as:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implementation Certificate
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Implementation Certificate
  • UNE-EN 1090-1 Implementation Certificate for the Execution of Steel and Aluminum Structures

Congratulations to the entire STALART team for making this award possible!

Visitar CEO Monthly

10 Different Types of Renovations with the Steel Frame System

Steel Frame offers significant advantages for various types of renovations:

1. Home Expansion:

One of the advantages of the Steel Frame system is its flexibility for home expansion. By using lightweight and sturdy steel panels, additional rooms can be easily added, the living room can be extended, or an attached garage can be constructed. This system allows for quick installation, minimizing disruptions to the existing structure, resulting in shorter construction times and less inconvenience for residents.

2. Facade Renovation:

Facade renovation using the Steel Frame system offers an efficient and aesthetically appealing solution. Steel panels are used to clad the existing facade, enhancing both its appearance and performance. In addition to providing a fresh appealing look, insulation materials can be integrated to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.

3. Modular Home Construction:

The Steel Frame system is particularly suitable for modular home construction. These homes are manufactured in factories, using prefabricated steel panels that are assembled on-site. Manufacturing in controlled conditions allows for greater precision and quality in construction, while on-site assembly ensures fast and efficient installation.

4. Attic Remodeling:

The Steel Frame system is frequently used to convert unused attics into livable spaces. By using lightweight steel structures, new divisions can be created, safely supporting roof loads. This allows for the creation of new bedrooms, living rooms, or offices in the attic, maximizing the habitable space of the home.

5. Commercial Space Renovations:

The Steel Frame system is a popular choice for adapting commercial spaces. It allows for rapid reconfiguration of interior spaces to cater to different commercial needs. Whether it’s a restaurant, a retail store, or an office, the steel panels of the Steel Frame system enable quick and flexible construction, making it easy to customize the space according to specific business requirements.

6. Prefabricated House Construction:

Constructing prefabricated houses using the Steel Frame system offers numerous advantages. Houses are factory-made, ensuring rigorous quality control and faster construction times. Prefabricated steel panels are assembled on-site, minimizing the environmental impact and expediting project completion. Moreover, the Steel Frame system allows for a wide variety of custom designs and finishes.

7. Auxiliary Structure Construction:

The Steel Frame system is also used to build auxiliary structures such as sheds, separate garages, or storage areas. These structures benefit from the durability and strength of steel.

8. Commercial Space Revamp:

The Steel Frame system provides an efficient solution for renovating and modernizing existing commercial spaces. By adapting interior layouts and creating attractive environments, it’s possible to transform stores, restaurants, gyms, and other commercial venues. Steel panels allow for lightweight and flexible construction, facilitating the incorporation of new design elements and the creation of functional and appealing spaces for customers.

9. Outdoor Space Creation:

The Steel Frame system is also employed to construct outdoor structures like pergolas or porches. These structures provide shaded and sheltered spaces, ideal for outdoor enjoyment. Galvanized steel panels ensure the necessary strength and durability to withstand weather conditions and offer a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor space.

10. Renovations in Historic Buildings:

The Steel Frame system is a suitable choice for renovating old buildings or historic structures. By reinforcing the existing structure with steel elements, it’s possible to enhance the building’s strength and stability. Additionally, the Steel Frame system allows for the adaptation of interior spaces to meet modern standards and current needs, while preserving the charm and integrity of the historic building.

In each of these renovation types, the Steel Frame system offers significant advantages, including fast construction, design versatility, and long-term durability.

STALART Embraces Competitive Development

In the photo, from left to right, Claudia de Mora (Consultant-INTEDYA Valencia Office), Manuel Marrama (CEO of STALART), Vicente Fernández (Director INTEDYA Valencia Office).

On June 16th, the INTEDYA team announced the delivery of implementation certificates to STALART, a recognized company specialized in steel frame structure manufacturing.

These certificates are the result of STALART’s commitment and excellence demonstrated in its quality and environmental management processes, as well as in the execution of its innovative structures.

With headquarters in Spain and Poland, STALART has positioned itself as a leader in the prefabricated construction industry, thanks to its revolutionary approach and its ability to carry out large-scale projects using the dry construction system known as steel frame. This system, based on galvanized steel profile structures, guarantees superior strength in all buildings.

The application of the steel frame technique allows STALART to design, calculate, manufacture, and supply structures for various types of buildings, such as homes, facades, schools, hospitals, commercial and industrial surfaces. One of the highlights of this system is its ability to accurately replicate models designed by architects or clients, significantly reducing assembly time compared to conventional systems. In fact, the assembly time with steel frame is approximately one-third of that required by traditional methods.

STALART’s recognition is reflected in the achievement of three key implementation certificates. These certificates are:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implementation Certificate:

The ISO 9001 standard is an international standard that sets criteria for an effective quality management system. The aim of implementing this system is to ensure that a company meets quality requirements in delivering its products or services, continuously improves its performance, and satisfies the needs and expectations of its customers.

Compliance with international quality standards is fundamental for STALART. Therefore, the company has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Implementation Certificate.

This standard establishes requirements for an effective and efficient quality management system, ensuring that STALART operates consistently and meets the needs and expectations of its customers.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Implementation Certificate:

The ISO 14001 standard is an international standard that sets criteria for an effective environmental management system. The aim of implementing this system is for a company to identify, control, and reduce its environmental impact, as well as comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

STALART has also been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and environmental care. The ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Implementation Certificate confirms that the company has established and maintains an effective environmental management system focused on identifying and controlling the environmental aspects associated with its activities, products, and services.

STALART is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment, thus demonstrating its corporate social responsibility.

UNE-EN 1090-1 Implementation Certificate for the Execution of Steel and Aluminum Structures:

The UNE-EN 1090-1 standard is a European standard that sets technical and quality requirements for the manufacture and execution of steel and aluminum structures. This certificate is particularly relevant for companies engaged in metal structure construction, as it demonstrates their ability to meet safety, quality, and performance requirements set in the standard.

This certificate attests to the excellence in executing steel and aluminum structures carried out by STALART. The UNE-EN 1090-1 standard establishes requirements for assessing the conformity of structural components, thus ensuring the safety, strength, and quality of the constructed structures.

STALART has demonstrated its consistent ability to meet these requirements, ensuring the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

The attainment of these certificates highlights STALART’s commitment to quality, operational excellence, and sustainability. As a leader in steel frame structure manufacturing, STALART continues to exceed industry expectations and set new standards in the construction field.

At STALART, we are dedicated to competitive development.


5 Common Steel Frame Myths You Should Stop Believing

Steel frame is an increasingly popular construction technique due to its many advantages, such as durability, efficiency and sustainability. However, there are often myths and misunderstandings surrounding this innovative construction technique.

In this article, we debunk five of the most common myths about Steel Frame.

Discover the reality behind these erroneous claims and understand why Steel Frame is a safe, reliable and versatile option for home construction.

1. “The industrialised Steel Frame construction system is less resistant than traditional construction”..

Contrary to popular belief, the steel frame is highly resistant. The steel structure used in the steel frame has an excellent capacity to withstand loads, including seismic forces and high winds.

In addition, building regulations ensure that the necessary safety and strength standards are met. The steel frame has proven its durability in numerous projects around the world, withstanding the tests of time and adverse weather conditions.

2. “Steel Frame is prone to corrosion”.

Although steel can corrode in certain circumstances, measures are taken to prevent this in the steel frame. Protective coatings and treatments are used on steel structures, such as galvanisation and specialised painting, to ensure corrosion resistance.

In addition, proper design and regular maintenance help prevent corrosion problems, maintaining its integrity and appearance for decades.

3. “Steel Frame is flammable and not fire safe”.

The Steel Frame is designed with additional fire protection features such as fire resistant cladding and insulation systems. These measures ensure that the steel frame meets the fire safety standards set by building codes.

In addition, compared to other building materials, steel has a lower fire spread and emission of toxic gases.

Stalart also has a fire warranty certificate.

4. “Steel Frame is more expensive than traditional construction”.

Although steel frame may have a slightly higher initial cost than traditional construction, it is important to consider the big picture. Steel frame offers efficiencies in terms of faster construction time and less need for long-term maintenance. It is a lightweight material, which reduces foundation and transportation costs. In the long term, steel is durable and strong, which means lower repair and replacement costs. In addition, steel frame is highly energy efficient, which can result in significant savings in energy costs over the life of the building.

Overall, when all these factors are considered, steel frame is a cost-effective and economical option compared to traditional construction.

5. “Steel Frame limits design and customisation options”.

This is one of the most unfounded myths. The steel frame offers a wide range of design and customisation possibilities. The steel frame allows the creation of open and flexible spaces, which gives the freedom to adapt the interior design according to individual needs and preferences.

In addition, steel frame can be combined with other materials, such as glass and wood, to achieve a variety of architectural styles. From modern and minimalist houses to traditional styles, steel frame adapts to different styles and design visions.



By understanding the reality behind the common myths, one can appreciate the versatility, strength and efficiency of steel frame as a reliable option for housing construction.

By putting aside the myths and knowing the facts, it is possible to make informed decisions and consider steel frame as a safe and attractive alternative in the construction sector.

House in Los Olivos. Balzar Architects and STALART

Casa en los Olivos, a living testimony to excellence in industrialised steel frame construction, harmoniously blends the environment, the client’s needs and avant-garde architecture. The Barcelona owners have forged a deep bond with the picturesque Mediterranean village of Quesa in the province of Valencia, where they spent unforgettable summers during their childhood.

Located on the outskirts of the city centre, this plot stands as the last urban olive grove that unites the built with the rural, an exceptional opportunity to develop a revolutionary project in industrialised steel frame construction. For this, Balzar Architects have relied on the experience of the leading company in the steel frame sector, STALART.

This magnificent single-storey dwelling blends perfectly into its surroundings thanks to the architectural resources that rely on the steel frame structure. Firstly, three courtyards that open up to the sky and the olive trees, providing an intimate visual connection and offering privacy to its occupants. Secondly, a wide porch, characteristic of Mediterranean culture and warm climates, shelters from the heat of the west and creates a fluid link between indoors and outdoors. Thirdly, an extensive longitudinal platform with a spectacular swimming pool that extends towards the olive grove, offering breathtaking views of the sunsets. Finally, generous windows connect the entrances, gardens and patios with all the interior spaces of the home.

The Casa Olivos project stands out for its exceptional integration between the interior and exterior, highlighting the beauty of the olive grove, the main element that takes centre stage thanks to the steel frame construction. Each room offers a unique experience of connection with the environment. The daytime spaces and the entrance are directly connected to the porch and terrace through imposing motorised glass.

The aquatic element takes on a prominent role at Casa Olivos. The outdoor swimming pool, with its semicircular shape and partially covered by an elegant dome, is perfectly integrated into the olive grove, which becomes the lush garden of the house.

The materials, colours and textures used in Casa Olivos are another distinctive element of the project. Terracotta tones predominate on the floors and façades, achieving a perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. Exquisite marbles, such as Iranian travertine, together with galvanised steel elements and olive green carpentry, contrast and fill the spaces with a unique atmosphere in harmony.

Source text and photos: archdaily.com

Plaza Radio 99.9 Interview

Resumen del audio de la entrevista realizada en Plaza Radio 99.9

This song was not chosen by the music programmer but by Manuel Marrama, the CEO of STALART, a steel frame housing construction company. We’re also joined by Felipe Pérez from Madrid, the strategy director of Alberta, Norway. How are you, Felipe?

I’m delighted to be with you all, also with Manuel, and to share insights about the houses we create, why we make them, and with a little surprise we have for this afternoon.

– Manuel, why did you choose this song? Welcome, good afternoon.

Hello, thank you for inviting me again, I’m pleased to be here. I remember we were in another studio about 2 years ago. You’ve improved a lot in the studio.

The song was chosen by my 9-year-old son Cedric, as I’m not good with music, and he always plays the same one in the car.

– The song “A Head Full of Dreams” is incredible and talks about dreams, like having a home. What is a Steel Frame house? What is that?

Well, it’s a house. The advantage we can offer is the planning in the initial design phase, which provides us a great competitive advantage in installation. This allows us to minimize errors and provide a higher quality product in the end result.

– Why choose this methodology?

Apart from what Manuel has already mentioned, the result is a modern house with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation due to more advanced materials than the bricks of 3000 years ago. A higher quality house that doesn’t make sense to build in an outdated way. The industry has advanced in materials, and having a self-supporting steel structure is marvelous. There are no big and unsightly columns. All rooms are square, which expands the house and makes it comfortable, with sound and energy insulation. We offer customized and unique designs for each client, inspired by other houses but with specific details. Each house is different, and no two are the same. The option to choose a more traditional or rural design.

We had a problem in the early years, and that was that we didn’t know how to tell the story very well. We expected to have the finished house to show to the client and other interested parties. But we had no graphical documentation of the process. People would come, visit the house, and ask for a steelframe house to see it, and we showed them that.

From there, we started recording the process of assembling a housing structure using cold-formed steel over a week with time-lapse. You can see how it’s built from start to finish in a very short time.

We turn steel coil into profile structures, respecting architectural design and certified structural calculation. We ensure approval in all our profiles. And this is the great advantage of combining technology and digitalization in design processes, something essential to avoid mistakes. All online, in a digital cloud. Once the final file is agreed upon, it’s sent to a CNC machine that produces with complete accuracy.

There’s an intermediate step for the client to visit the house with Oculus glasses and experience the render. With them, changes can be made on the spot, avoiding future regrets. It’s not the same as being in the actual house, but it’s very interesting. Once the structure is ordered from Manuel, changes can’t be made.

If another advantage is sometimes seen as a disadvantage, it’s actually an advantage because we don’t give anyone time to regret. You have your house in 20 weeks, so you’ve probably waited almost 1 year for the permit. 5 months+. It’s very short.

It’s short because houses grow rapidly. Very importantly, energy efficiency, long-term savings, and sustainability. We have a significant advantage in the lifecycle, as we can fit 5 200m2 houses on a single truck using the same raw material. This minimizes the environmental impact compared to traditional systems.

– What’s in the truck?

Structural panels and frames in 2D,

– Similar to a plasterboard wall? All in 2D? And what about the internal aspect of the house? Because I suppose it’s later covered with whatever we want.

You can’t tell, you don’t know what the house is made of, except that you hear very little noise from outside, and it’s true that it retains the ambiance and temperature you want. We’re currently designing a restaurant and a winery with natural stone finishes. Alberta has a varied climate, which generates diversity in the designed projects. But the beauty of this is the freedom of the system, they don’t have to be constrained by anything, they just have to comply or serve their client, giving them the satisfaction of building the house they truly want.

– And Felipe, does being so fast and efficient increase the price?

Much less than an average house, a villa is around 300. From 0€ to 400,000€, depending on the size and other factors. In traditional construction, the price keeps getting closer. Why? Many months of work and scarce and expensive labor. A small difference. Upwards, but insufficient. It almost suits the customer if they want a brick house. But I don’t think it’s much. Renovations in a built house are possible. We’ve already done it in concrete houses, and it was fast using this construction methodology. Very interesting. In summary, the price is similar, and promotions are advantageous due to the reduction of indirect costs. We primarily work in the Valencian Community and are building houses in different cities. Regarding Manuel’s house in Madrid, there’s nothing to mention about it at this moment. We’re

in the last minute of the conversation. This was going to be done in Madrid, but it won’t be. The AI is made with the structure of a house in Madrid, ready to be installed in Valencia. So, if there’s a customer who likes that house, it fits them, there’s a huge discount, because the Madrid customer had already paid half of that structure.

Thank you both for coming, we’ll keep track to see who gets the house.