STALART at Rebuild 2024. Leading the steel frame sector.

Participating in REBUILD has become a strategic pillar of our presence in the steel frame sector.

This year, although we have decided not to have a physical booth, our involvement as a partner in the event remains equally strong. Our strategy will focus on maximizing personal interaction, attending talks, establishing valuable contacts within the sector, and exploring the latest developments in suppliers and products.

Being at REBUILD is very important for STALART, as it allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the world of steel frame construction, strengthen our relationships with clients and suppliers, and explore new business opportunities. This event is an unparalleled platform for innovation and networking, crucial elements for any company aspiring to be a leader in the construction sector and, particularly for us, in the field of steel frame construction.

“CEO Manuel Marrama’s Talk at REBUILD 2023”

Our experience in previous editions of REBUILD was very positive, as it gave us the opportunity to connect directly with clients and partners. This year, we will attend without a booth, aiming for a different approach, seeking more fluid and direct interaction. This does not diminish our presence; on the contrary, we will be fully accessible throughout the event. For those wishing to contact us, we emphasize that, although we do not have a physical space, our presence will be palpable through our active participation in talks and meetings.

Contacting STALART at REBUILD is as simple as sending us a message; we will be delighted to schedule a meeting.

We firmly believe in the importance of being present, of being part of the conversations that shape the future of our sector.

REBUILD is not just an event; it is an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability in the steel frame sector.

Rebuild 2024

REBUILD is a prominent event in the building sector that promotes innovation through industrialization, sustainability, digitization, and the design of new materials. It takes place at IFEMA Madrid from March 19 to 21, 2024, bringing together over 200 brands showcasing their latest solutions. The event includes the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0, where more than 600 experts share projects and success stories in industrialized construction, digitization, and decarbonization. REBUILD positions itself as the main forum for the transformation of the building sector, driving digitization and decarbonization, and bringing together over 24,000 professionals in search of industrial partners and innovative solutions.

The Construction of the Future: STALART Promotes Steel Frame in Girona

Last week, we were in Girona, organizing a series of theoretical and practical workshops at the GIPCE (Gremi de Promotors i Constructors d’Edificis de Girona). We focused on the transformative potential of the steel frame system, with the participation of companies such as Thermochip and MO Arquitectura.

This experience was not only a testament to our commitment to innovation and education but also a valuable opportunity to strengthen ties, deeply understand market needs, and project solutions that truly make a difference.


A Gathering of Great Minds

From the outset, our goal was clear: to create a space where professionals, enthusiasts, and the curious within the industry could immerse themselves in the world of steel frame, sharing knowledge, debating ideas, and exploring new possibilities. The workshops, designed to blend theory and practice, provided participants with a comprehensive view of the most advanced techniques, emerging trends, and current challenges in the industry.

Mutual Learning and Enrichment

By opening our doors to the community, we not only shared our knowledge and experience but also gained significant external perspectives. This feedback is vital for our company, as it helps us refine our approach, improve our solutions, and ultimately, better serve our clients and the industry at large.

Forging Synergies for the Future

Collaborating with Thermochip and MO Arquitectura not only strengthened our event but also cemented a relationship based on deep understanding and mutual respect. These kinds of synergies are what we believe will propel STALART and our partners towards new horizons of success. They allow us to combine our strengths, share our visions, and work together towards common goals, always with a focus on innovation and excellence.

Steel Frame and STALART, Looking Forward

The experience in Girona has been a confirmation of our mission: to lead by example, drive change, and promote the adoption of sustainable and efficient construction solutions. The workshops were not only a showcase of what is possible when passion meets innovation but also a reminder of the importance of collaboration in the growth and development of our industry.

At STALART, we see ourselves not merely as providers of advanced construction solutions; we consider ourselves an integral part of a community that is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible. This event is just one example of how, by working together, we can face challenges, transform visions into realities, and most importantly, build a more sustainable and efficient future for everyone.

Acknowledgments and Next Steps

We want to express our sincerest thanks to all those who participated in the workshops, from speakers to attendees, for their enthusiasm, commitment, and willingness to explore new ideas. Their participation was essential for the success of the event and inspires us to continue with even more ambitious projects.

We are more motivated than ever to continue our work of innovation in the construction sector. We are exploring new collaborations, developing innovative projects, and constantly seeking ways to improve our practices.


STALART strengthens bonds in a brotherhood gathering in La Vall d’Uixó

On Friday, January 12, STALART, the leading company in steel frame manufacturing in Spain, organized a special experience for the entire team and international clients. This unique event, bringing together clients from Greece, Germany, and Poland, not only celebrated excellence in steel structure manufacturing but also solidified the brotherhood that binds STALART with its global collaborators.

Prior to the event, STALART’s CEO, Manuel Marrama, showcased ongoing projects to the visitors, sharing his vision and passion for the industry. The site visits were not only an opportunity to demonstrate STALART’s dedication to quality and innovation but also to strengthen the connection with clients.

After the visits, the stage was set for a brotherhood gathering at La Villa el Fondo, located in La Vall d’Uixó and surrounded by vast orange groves. The gathering featured a barbecue that marked the beginning of a day filled with fun and laughter. Team members shared anecdotes, experiences, and the passion that drives each project. Clients, in turn, shared their perspectives, creating an exchange that transcended mere business transactions.

As the sun bid farewell on the horizon, the day came to an end. This event was not just a celebration of shared achievements but also a reminder that at STALART, we build more than steel structures; we build relationships that withstand the test of time.”

Great Success at the Exclusive Event “Las Lunas de Alfinach”

It is an immense pleasure to share with you the resounding success we experienced last Thursday at the exclusive event held to launch ‘Las Lunas de Alfinach.’ This outstanding new construction promotion, a result of the collaboration between Balzar Arquitectos, Stalart, BFM Constructura, and Porcelanosa Partners, has set an architectural milestone redefining elegance with steel frame structures.

During the memorable evening held at the Porcelanosa facilities, we immersed ourselves in the essence of ‘Las Lunas de Alfinach.’ From the welcome wine to the up-close exploration of exceptional materials, it was an event that made a lasting impression and became the starting point for a new architectural era.

Highlights of ‘Las Lunas de Alfinach’:

– Steel Frame Innovation: The presence of steel frame structures in every corner of ‘Las Lunas de Alfinach’ not only ensures exceptional strength but also allows for unique architectural flexibility.

– Energy Efficiency: Commitment to the latest technologies translates into remarkable energy efficiency, providing not only aesthetics but also long-term sustainability.

– Durability and Style: The meticulous selection of the highest quality materials translates into a symphony of durability and style, offering seamless integration with any architectural project.

We sincerely thank everyone present for sharing this moment with us and contributing to the success of ‘Las Lunas de Alfinach.’ This project not only represents an achievement for the involved collaborators but also for all those who appreciate the fusion of architectural elegance and the robustness of steel frame structures.

We invite you to explore more about this exceptional project and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of ‘Las Lunas de Alfinach.’ This is just the beginning of a new era where architecture meets the strength of steel frame structures.”

STALART promotes innovation in construction with its educational site visits throughout Spain

STALART, a leader in steel frame manufacturing in Spain, continues to set standards in the construction sector by offering educational visits to notable works throughout the Spanish territory.

These tours, designed for architects, engineers, builders, developers and students, provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of steel framing and explore first-hand the innovations that are transforming the construction landscape.

Éxito del sistema Steel Frame. Albalat, Valencia

Our educational visits on steel frame throughout the Spanish territory

STALART has carried out different visits to works in various cities, including Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid, among many others, highlighting its most emblematic projects in each region. These on-site experiences allow participants to immerse themselves in the construction process, beginning with a visit to homes in the midst of steel frame assembly.

During these visits, participants have the unique opportunity to witness the assembly of the steel frame, guided by STALART experts. These professionals not only demonstrate the technical skill involved in steel frame construction, but also share the fundamental concepts behind this revolutionary technique.

Éxito del sistema Steel Frame. Empezamos visitando la promoción de Foios, Valencia

What benefits do these visits bring you?

1. We explore the Fundamental Principles.

STALART experts guide visitors through the fundamental principles that make steel framing so attractive in modern construction. The versatility of the steel frame and how it can adapt to a wide variety of architectural designs is explored in detail. From residential structures to commercial projects, STALART demonstrates how steel framing offers limitless construction, providing architects and builders with the creative freedom they need to bring their projects to life.

2. We talk about efficiency in Construction: Fast, Durable and Sustainable.

During the visits, the reason for the growing interest in the steel frame is highlighted. STALART experts explain how this technique not only significantly speeds up the construction process, but also ensures exceptional durability. Additionally, the importance of sustainability in modern construction is highlighted, highlighting how the steel frame aligns with environmentally friendly practices.

3. We teach how we optimize projects and reduce costs.

A key aspect of STALART educational visits is the focus on project optimization and cost reduction. Participants learn practical strategies to improve efficiency at all stages of the project, from planning to construction. STALART shares its expertise in identifying opportunities to reduce costs without compromising quality, providing construction professionals with practical tools to maximize the value of their projects.

Éxito del sistema Steel Frame tras la visita de nuestros promotores

A Comprehensive Educational Experience

STALART educational visits are not limited only to the technical aspect. They also offer a complete view of the steel frame supply chain, from manufacturing to on-site installation. This deep understanding allows participants to appreciate not only the quality of the final product, but also the efficiency of the entire process.

Upcoming opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of steel frame

STALART will continue to offer these valuable educational tours throughout the next year, giving architects, engineers, builders, developers and students the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest innovations in steel frame construction. For more information on upcoming tour dates and locations, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.

Forging the Future of Construction with STALART

STALART reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation through these educational visits, providing a unique platform for education and collaboration in the construction industry. By immersing themselves in works in progress, participants not only gain practical knowledge, but are also inspired to take modern construction to new heights. STALART is delighted to play a vital role in the advancement of construction in Spain and looks forward to continuing to be a leading leader in driving sustainable and efficient construction solutions.

Join us on our upcoming educational visits and discover the exciting future that steel frame has to offer!

The sustainability of the steel frame: reducing the carbon footprint in construction

In a world where sustainability has become a fundamental aspect of construction, steel frame structures have gained a prominent place for their ability to reduce the carbon footprint in construction projects. STALART is committed to promoting this technology as a sustainable and efficient solution. In this news, we will explore the importance of steel frame sustainability and how this innovation can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint in construction.

STALART = Sustainability

Steel frame structures have multiple advantages in terms of sustainability:

1. Efficiency in the use of materials:

The steel frame uses less material compared to concrete and wood structures, reducing environmental impact.

2. Recyclability:

Steel is highly recyclable, meaning it can be reused and recycled across multiple life cycles, decreasing demand for raw materials and reducing the amount of waste.

3. Lower energy consumption:

During construction, steel frame structures require less energy compared to other materials, which decreases associated carbon emissions.

4. Greater energy efficiency:

Steel frame structures allow better management of energy efficiency, which reduces energy consumption throughout the useful life of the building.

5. Reduction of construction waste:

Steel Frame’s precision component manufacturing reduces material waste on the construction site.

STALART not only offers high-quality steel frame products, but also promotes sustainable practices in all aspects of construction. The company works closely with its clients to design projects that meet rigorous ecological standards, and encourages the adoption of sustainable measures at all stages of construction.

Economic Benefits of Sustainability

Sustainability is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also financially beneficial. Sustainable construction can lead to lower operating cost throughout the building’s life cycle, as well as increased demand and value in the market.

Importance of steel frame project planning to avoid delays in winter

The use of steel structures in construction, known as steel frame, has gained increasing popularity in Spain due to its efficiency, durability and sustainability. In this context, the leading company in the steel frame market in Spain, STALART, has stood out for its commitment to quality and innovation in this field. However, to take full advantage of the benefits of steel frame structures during the winter season, it is crucial that architects, engineers, builders and developers pay special attention to project planning. At the heart of any successful construction project is sound planning. In the case of steel frame structures, this planning takes on even greater importance during the winter season, when weather challenges can lead to delays and additional costs if not properly addressed. The fall-winter season presents a number of challenges for construction projects, including lower temperatures, rain, wind and other potential adverse weather conditions. These factors can significantly affect construction progress and ultimately the final outcome of the project. To avoid delays and ensure the quality of steel frame structures, it is essential to proactively address these challenges.

Preventive Planning in Steel Frame Construction: Key to Avoiding Winter Delays.

Steel frame project planning should include a specific strategy to address winter challenges. This implies:

1. Time planning and work sequence:

A detailed schedule that takes winter weather conditions into account can help minimize delays. This involves scheduling critical jobs at appropriate times.

2. Rigorous quality control:

Constant supervision and performance of quality inspections are essential to ensure that steel frame structures are built to the required standards.

3.Coordination with suppliers and subcontractors:

Efficient coordination with suppliers and subcontractors is key to ensuring materials and workers are available when needed.

4. Climate contingency plan:

A contingency plan must be established that allows any adverse weather situation to be faced effectively, without significantly affecting the project schedule.

5. Staff training:

It is essential that staff are trained and aware of specific procedures to work safely and efficiently in winter conditions.

Constructive advantages of the steel frame system compared to the traditional one in autumn and winter.

Steel frame construction offers several significant construction advantages compared to traditional construction methods, especially in autumn and winter times with adverse conditions such as rain, wind and cold. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Construction speed:

The steel frame is known for its speed of construction. Because many of the components are manufactured in a controlled environment, time on the job site is significantly reduced. This is essential to speed construction and minimize worker exposure to inclement weather.

2. Weather resistance:

Steel frame structures are designed to resist adverse weather conditions. The steel frames are durable and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for facing cold, rain and wind.

3. Waste reduction:

The precision manufacturing of steel frame components means that less waste is generated on the construction site compared to traditional construction, making waste management easier in unfavorable weather conditions.

4. Advanced thermal insulation:

The steel frame structures allow the integration of high-quality thermal insulation systems, which improves energy efficiency and comfort inside during the winter. This helps keep heat in the building and reduce heating costs.

5. Minimum interruption due to rain:

Traditional wood or brick construction can be significantly delayed in the event of constant rain. With steel frame, most critical jobs can be done indoors, minimizing rain delays.

6. Less risk of structural damage:

Steel structures are resistant to expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, reducing the risk of structural damage in winter conditions.

7. Greater predictability in the schedule:

Manufacturing in controlled environments and reducing weather-related delays makes steel frame projects more predictable in terms of schedule, which is essential in unpredictable winter conditions.

STALART: Your partner in steel frame construction

STALART, as a leading steel frame company, offers expert advice and innovative solutions to meet winter challenges in construction. With extensive experience in projects of varying sizes and an unwavering commitment to quality, STALART is a trusted partner for architects, engineers, builders and developers.

The company works closely with its clients to develop specific planning strategies that address any type of conditions. In addition, STALART advises on the choice of high-quality materials, advanced thermal insulation systems and design solutions that guarantee the resistance and energy efficiency of steel frame structures.

Construction in areas with difficult access. Steel frame, a smart solution.

In the world of construction, geographic and topographical challenges often present significant obstacles. However, the steel frame emerges as an invaluable resource to overcome these challenges, providing practical solutions in difficult-to-access areas.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of the steel frame in construction in places that are difficult to access, offering valuable information for architects, developers, builders and engineers seeking to optimize their projects in such conditions.

1. Light Weight for Efficient Transportation:

One of the main advantages of the steel frame in hard-to-reach areas is its light weight compared to other construction materials. This allows:

  • More economical transportation: Steel is lighter than other materials such as concrete or wood, reducing transportation costs in remote areas.
  • Access to remote locations: Steel frame components can be transported in smaller vehicles and often reach locations that would be inaccessible to heavier materials.

2. Modular and Prefabricated Assembly

The steel frame naturally lends itself to prefabrication and modular assembly, offering several advantages in hard-to-reach areas:

  • Less need for local labor: Prefabrication allows many components to be assembled off-site, reducing the need for local labor.
  • Less time on site: On-site construction is significantly shortened due to the rapid installation of prefabricated components.
  • Minimizes local logistics: Less space and logistics are needed on the construction site to store and manage heavy materials and equipment.

3. Versatility in Design and Adaptability

The steel frame accommodates a variety of designs and specific project requirements:

  • Design flexibility: Steel frame profiles allow a wide range of designs, making it easy to adapt to the particular geographic and topographic conditions of each site.
  • Lower environmental impact: The ability to build lighter, more efficient structures minimizes environmental impact in sensitive areas.
  • Compatibility with energy and water systems: Steel frame designs can easily incorporate sustainable energy and water systems for projects in remote areas.

4. Resistance and Durability in Adverse Conditions

The steel frame is known for its strength and durability, making it an ideal choice in hard-to-reach areas:

  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions: Steel is resistant to corrosion and adverse weather conditions, ensuring a long useful life in places exposed to the elements.
  • Less maintenance: The durability of the steel frame means less need for maintenance in the long term, which is especially beneficial in remote areas with limited access.

Example: Aldaia Project, 2020

This house, situated between party walls with asymmetrical and irregular walls, and located on a narrow street, was a real challenge. However, thanks to the advantages of the steel frame construction system, at STALART we successfully face these challenges, avoiding problems of delays, logistics, dirt and ensuring a high quality result.

1. Adaptability to Restricted Spaces

The project in Aldaia was located on a narrow street, which limited access and maneuverability of equipment and materials. The steel frame stands out for its ease of transportation and assembly, which made construction easier in this small space. The steel frame’s lightweight, modular components were transported smoothly and assembled on site with precision, avoiding unnecessary delays.

2. Design Flexibility

The asymmetrical and irregular walls between party walls presented a significant design challenge. The steel frame allows exceptional flexibility in the design of structures, which made it easy to adapt to these specific conditions. The steel profiles were precisely cut and fitted to follow the irregular shape of the walls, ensuring a perfect fit and a solid structure.

3. Efficiency in Terms of Time and Logistics

The steel frame accelerates the construction process by allowing the prefabrication of components in a controlled environment. This minimizes time on site, reduces interference in the daily lives of the surrounding community, and avoids logistical problems common in traditional construction projects.

4. Cleanliness and Quality of the Result

Steel frame construction is inherently cleaner compared to traditional construction. Reduced waste and precision in assembly result in a cleaner, tidier construction site. Additionally, the quality of the final result is remarkably high due to the precision in component manufacturing and its resistance to common problems such as cracks and warping.



The steel frame is positioned as the intelligent solution for construction in areas that are difficult to access. Its light weight, prefabrication capacity, design versatility and durability make it the perfect choice for projects in remote or difficult-to-access locations. Architects, developers, builders and engineers seeking to maximize efficiency and overcome geographic challenges will find the steel frame a valuable tool to carry out their construction projects effectively and successfully in any environment.

Steel frame, an ally in resistance to natural disasters

Industrial construction has evolved over the years, and one of the most notable innovations is the use of steel frame profiles. Not only do they offer efficiency and speed in construction, but they are an ally against natural disasters. In this article, we will explore the benefits of steel frame in resisting natural disasters, highlighting its advantages and how it can make a difference in industrial construction projects.

1. Earthquake resistance::

Earthquakes are devastating natural events that can wreak havoc on built infrastructure. This is where the steel frame shines:

  • Structural flexibility: Steel frame profiles are flexible and can absorb the energy generated by seismic movements, thus reducing the risk of serious damage.
  • Weight reduction: Compared to other construction materials, the steel frame is lighter, which decreases the total mass of the structure and, therefore, the load on the ground during an earthquake.
  • Earthquake-resistant anchors: Steel frame systems can be equipped with earthquake-resistant anchors that further increase their ability to resist earthquakes.

2. Flood tolerance:

Floods are another common natural disaster that can seriously affect buildings. The steel frame offers notable advantages in this regard:

  • Corrosion resistance: Steel profiles are designed to resist corrosion, making them ideal in flood-prone areas.
  • Effective Elevation: By elevating the structure on piles or using proper foundations, the risk of damage caused by flooding is reduced.
  • Quick recovery: In the event of a flood, steel frame structures allow for faster recovery, since the components are not easily damaged.

3. Fire protection:

Fire resistance is a crucial aspect in industrial construction. Steel frame profiles are highly resistant to fire:

  • High melting point: The steel used in the steel frame has a significantly high melting point, which slows the spread of fire.
  • Less fuel: Unlike wood, the steel frame does not provide additional fuel in the event of a fire.
  • Maintaining structural integrity: Although affected by heat, steel frame tends to maintain its structural integrity longer than other materials.

4. Wind resistance

In regions prone to strong winds and storms, the steel frame proves to be an invaluable ally:

  • Aerodynamic design: The steel frame structure can be designed to be more aerodynamic, which reduces wind pressure.
  • Strong anchors: Steel frame systems can include specific anchors and connections to resist wind forces.
  • Less torsional damage: The rigidity of the steel frame reduces torsion and displacement of the structure during storms, thus minimizing damage.

5. Positive Environmental Impact

In addition to its resistance to natural disasters, the steel frame also has a positive environmental impact:

  • Long-term durability: Steel frame structures tend to last longer, reducing the need for reconstruction and therefore the generation of waste.
  • Recyclability: Steel is highly recyclable, making it a sustainable material.
  • Energy efficiency: Steel frame structures are ideal for installing insulation and energy efficient systems, reducing energy consumption over time.


The use of steel frame profiles in industrial construction projects offers incomparable resistance to various natural disasters. Its structural flexibility, fire resistance, flood tolerance, and ability to withstand earthquakes and high winds make it a wise choice for architects, developers, builders and engineers. Furthermore, its positive environmental impact makes it a sustainable option for the future of industrial construction.

Being aware of these advantages is essential to making informed and safe decisions in the modern construction industry.

Picture: rtve

Speed, the indisputable hallmark of STALART

Construir en Steel Frame tu casa con gran velocidad

Speed is of paramount importance in the world of industrialized Steel Frame construction. This swiftness in the construction process provides significant advantages in terms of efficiency, costs, and customer satisfaction. Steel Frame construction allows for a drastic reduction in construction timelines compared to traditional methods, as a substantial portion of the structure is prefabricated in a controlled factory environment. This not only shortens construction times but also minimizes exposure to adverse weather conditions, thus reducing the risk of delays.

Speed in Steel Frame construction also has a positive impact on cost management, as projects are completed more quickly, saving money on labor and other associated expenses. Furthermore, the swift completion of a project enables clients to start using or selling their properties sooner, potentially generating additional income.

Last but not least, speed is essential for meeting the growing demands for housing and commercial buildings in an ever-changing world. Steel Frame construction offers the ability to build faster without sacrificing quality, which is crucial in densely populated urban environments and urgent situations, such as post-natural disaster housing construction.

I would like to learn more about the advantages of industrialized Steel Frame construction and see examples of speed in Steel Frame construction by STALART.

Examples of speed in industrialized construction in Steel Frame by STALART

Location: Madrid

Description: The structure of this residence, installed in record time, has posed a significant challenge to demonstrate that in industrialized construction, the combination of steel frame + planning + digitalization forms a powerful tool for any construction project. 🛠️🏡

Execution Time: STALART, in collaboration with Gesteelframe, has carried out the assembly planning and execution within a 4-day timeframe. ⏱️

Location: Foios (Valencia)

Description: With the arrival of the heat, it’s essential to act quickly and protect yourself, just like in this example of a home expansion with a porch structure executed in one week’s time.

Execution Time: 1 week

Location: Gilet (Valencia)

Description: The envelope of this residence has been installed in 7 working days. Moving forward, the interior and exterior finishes will be carried out by a local conventional construction company.

Cleanliness – Efficiency – Precision

Execution Time: 7 working days

Location: Segorbe (Castellón de La Plana)

Description: Installation of partitions inside a 180m2 clinic. The decision to choose STALART’s structural product was based on:

– Speed,
– Cleanliness,
– No waste,
– Preparation of reinforcements in walls for suspended furniture,
– Customized installation pathways for utilities,
– Reinforcements in areas with hanging sliding doors.

Execution Time: 1 day

Would you like to explore more projects like these?

I recommend visiting our PROJECTS section.