Rebuild 2023: the place where the present and the future of construction converge.

Join us at Rebuild Expo 2023. We will be happy to assist you and receive you at our Stand in Hall 10 – 10I912 on March 28, 29 and 30. 


STALART will be present at the annual innovation summit, learning and presenting the latest in construction technology, including the Steel Framing or cold-formed lightweight construction system, a construction method that we apply to carry out efficient, sustainable and lasting projects.


The construction sector is in the midst of revolution, more and more construction systems appear capable of adapting to the new times, and to the needs and concerns of a client who is increasingly demanding. This occurs due to the need to believe and bet on a cleaner and more sustainable future for the planet.

This is precisely the focus of the fair that will take place from tomorrow at IFEMA Madrid and where more than 544 exhibiting firms will meet with the aim of continuing to work towards an increasingly industrialized, digitized and sustainable sector. These three pillars are a reflection of the roadmap that is being drawn up in the construction sector and of which STALART is part.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industrialized construction sector, STALART will show its proposal as a leading manufacturer of Steel Framing structures in Poland and Spain, where his own factory is located. More than 450 projects carried out around more than 10 countries around the world demonstrate that a solid position in the industry has been ensured.

The STALART team will be fully present at Rebuild 2023 during the three days of the event, you can visit us and resolve all your concerns. We will be happy to assist you and receive you at our Stand in Hall 10 – 10I912

Manuel Marrama debate Rebuil 2021

Our Speakers at Rebuild 2023

Manuel Marrama CEO and Aida Fernández our architect and director of design and production will have the pleasure of participating in different talks:

→ Aida Fernández

    1. STALART – Accuracy + Scalability = Profitability              Tuesday 28, from 10:45 to 11:00 at the Workshop Arena. Rebuild 2023

→ Manuel Marrama

2. Insindustrialization Challenge

Wednesday 29, from 10:30 to 12-30 at the Workshop Arena.

3. Duets Architect + Manufacturer / Manufacturer + Installer. Digitization and collaborative work

Wednesday 29, from 16:30 to 17:30 in the Auditorium AEDAS Homes

Bonus Rebuild 2023

We want our participation in Rebuild to be a unique experience. For this reason, in addition to working on the execution of projects, we are committed to creating an industrialized construction business ecosystem in which different professionals converge in the different phases of a project, offering exceptional value to the end customer.

If you are an architect, we want to collaborate with you in the different phases of the process, from the preliminary project through the beginning of the project to the end. We take care of providing the justification for the structural calculation previously designed to be subsequently executed on site.

If you are a contractor, we accompany you and help you in planning the work process. In this way, we will significantly reduce planning times.

If you are a builder, we guide you towards the moments of action, as well as the execution times and the necessary materials to carry out the project.

If you are a promoter, we help you in planning by contributing the companies that the project requires, in addition to carefully training the companies that work with you on a daily basis.

If you are an investor, we offer you a complete solution so that you can get the highest return in the shortest possible time.

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As for the future of industrialized construction, the steel frame is likely to remain a popular and constantly evolving construction technique. Over time, new construction materials and techniques will appear that further improve the efficiency and sustainability of this construction model.

Furthermore, technology and innovation can play an important role in the industrialized construction of the future. For example, 3D printing can be a useful tool in building complex and custom steel frame components.

  • Automation can also play an important role in the industrialized construction of the future. Automated manufacturing and construction can further reduce construction times and costs, while improving quality and precision.
  • Digitization is another key aspect. Digital tools, such as construction information modeling ( BIM ), can improve construction efficiency and allow for greater collaboration between construction teams and contractors.

STALART, oriented to volume projects

Stalart is a company specialized in the design, calculation, manufacture and installation of Steel Frame structures.

With more than 20 years of experience in the development of industrialized structures, the company is expanding its production capacity in Spain in 2023.

STALART will focus on volume projects such as student residences, hospitals, and commercial buildings. In addition, STALART will present its innovative out-of-site prefabricated bathroom support structure at the Rebuild 2023 exhibition.

The company is committed to the digitization of its processes and the promotion of collaboration between architects, manufacturers, builders and engineers.

The expansion of STALART’s production capacity in Spain is a sign of its growing presence in the construction market. The company has stood out for its experience in the design and manufacture of steel frame structures, which has led it to work on large-scale projects around the world.

These projects require a large number of cold rolled steel structures, which makes the expansion of STALART’s production capacity a strategic measure to satisfy market demand.

  • The presentation of the innovative supporting structure for prefabricated bathrooms in the Rebuild exhibition is a sign of STALART’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. The supporting structure for prefabricated bathrooms is an innovative solution that allows the construction of offsite prefabricated bathrooms, which reduces construction time and costs.
  • The digitization of STALART processes is a strategic measure to improve the efficiency and quality of its products and services. Digitization allows greater precision in the design and manufacture of cold-rolled steel structures, which translates into higher quality and lower production costs.
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