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With more than 450 constructions carried out and 20 years of experience in the industrialized construction market, we are the leading manufacturer of cold-formed steel structures (steel framing) in Poland and the company with the highest production capacity in Europe.

With a presence in Poland and Spain, we broadly cover the European market. We have a high production capacity, so we can tackle projects that require scalability, high production and assembly volumes.

At STALART we are specialists in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of structures. For both the residential and commercial sectors, we have a tailor-made solution for any project.

For years, we have developed projects in different countries in Europe (France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, England, Germany, Poland, among others) and in the United States. In the United States we have collaborated with companies such as Toll Brothers, Griffon and L. Hounanian Associate. In Ireland with Kap Eco Homes, in Poland with Stalowe Domy, in England with Habeco and in Spain with Interleva Contract.

Our mission is to offer the market the most advanced construction technology, to achieve quality results, thanks to our industrialized system that allows efficient and precise construction.

Thanks to the industrialization of the process, we can secure budgets from very early stages, without surprises, without price increases and always meeting delivery dates. Our speed and precision are the great ally for our clients. Our clients always have time and cost control over their projects.

From the beginning, the innovative mindset coupled with the pursuit of perfection has led Stalart to make progress in line with Scottsdale technology and software. These advances are what today allow us to offer an avant-garde construction system, which allows us to execute our clients’ projects with exactitude and absolute precision. We have taken a step forward through the use of technology, design, engineering, manufacturing technology, and assembly processes.

We have the necessary resources, both technical and human, to accompany our clients from the earliest phases of the project and planning, to the final execution.

The involvement of our entire team, from the design and engineering phase, allows acceleration in all phases of the project, optimizing costs, reducing delivery times and obtaining excellent results.

Our projects are the projects of our clients, so our involvement is absolute, to ensure the best result and satisfaction of the end client.

“Building has never been easier”


STALART’s great journey with success in many projects is our greatest guarantee.

STALART’s human team, the possibilities of collaborating with the ecosystem of companies around industrialized construction and the mentality of progress, are synonymous with consistency, stability and a plan for the future.

These pillars: human team, collaboration and mentality of progress are what lead to success in each of the projects.

We used the 3D Scottsdale software to plan the project in the early stages. We do not leave anything to improvisation during the project. We always work with a perfectly controlled strategy and planning. Thanks to this, the projects are controlled in terms of their execution, time compliance and cost control.

We work in the design phases with the developer, builder or architect to optimize material resources and optimize times. Our technical and human resources are a great support for our clients.

We provide the projects with the necessary calculation justification according to the construction parameters of each project. In addition, we also design the manufacturing plans for heavy structures that, in combination with the light ones, that we manufacture, can be part of the project. In this way we coordinate the entire structural set and guarantee a perfect result for the project.

Facility to import and export files typically used by engineers, architects, builders, designers.

Our software can be easily combined with AutoCad, Revit, Advanced Steel and others, to facilitate the design and structural calculation process.

Coordination in the structural design to foresee the passage of facilities reducing time and costs in the assembly phase.