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STALART, oriented to volume projects

Stalart is a company specialized in the design, calculation, manufacture and installation of Steel Frame structures.

With more than 20 years of experience in the development of industrialized structures, the company is expanding its production capacity in Spain in 2023.

STALART will focus on volume projects such as student residences, hospitals, and commercial buildings. In addition, STALART will present its innovative out-of-site prefabricated bathroom support structure at the Rebuild 2023 exhibition.

The company is committed to the digitization of its processes and the promotion of collaboration between architects, manufacturers, builders and engineers.

The expansion of STALART’s production capacity in Spain is a sign of its growing presence in the construction market. The company has stood out for its experience in the design and manufacture of steel frame structures, which has led it to work on large-scale projects around the world.

These projects require a large number of cold rolled steel structures, which makes the expansion of STALART’s production capacity a strategic measure to satisfy market demand.

  • The presentation of the innovative supporting structure for prefabricated bathrooms in the Rebuild exhibition is a sign of STALART’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. The supporting structure for prefabricated bathrooms is an innovative solution that allows the construction of offsite prefabricated bathrooms, which reduces construction time and costs.
  • The digitization of STALART processes is a strategic measure to improve the efficiency and quality of its products and services. Digitization allows greater precision in the design and manufacture of cold-rolled steel structures, which translates into higher quality and lower production costs.
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