Definition of Steel Framing or light cold-formed steel system

The Steel Frame system is an industrialized construction system based on galvanized steel linear element structures. This system stands out from other industrialized systems due to its lightness and its economy. Derived from the traditional construction with a wooden structure (Wood Frame), these structures form a supporting framework that can act as both a vertical structure and a horizontal structure. The Steel Frame system is characterized by its:

· Lightness and isolation. The Steel Frame system is lighter both in structure and in enclosures. In addition, it allows to achieve better insulation performance with less thickness of closings, gaining interior surface.

· Industrialization and speed of construction. It is an industrialized and dry construction system, which is why the execution times are dramatically reduced compared to conventional construction systems.

· Economic savings. Thanks to the combination of the above characteristics, the reduced weight saves the cost of the structure and the reduction of the execution time saves the costs of labor and financing