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STALART returns Rebuild 2023

As happened in 2021, we are pleased to announce that STALART will attend Rebuild Expo 2023.

REBUILD Expo has established itself as the summit event of technological building and innovation, where thousands of companies participate and more than 20,000 prescribers and buyers attend. The main objective of the event is to promote the change of construction model of the building.

Our traditional construction system is becoming obsolete, which is why various substitute methods arise that in the coming years will be consolidated in our society.

REBUILD Expo is an event where these novel methods, which seek the digitization and industrialization of the construction process, in addition to betting on sustainability, they are promoted and exposed to make us aware of the latest news and technologies.

Our experience at REBUILD 2021

At STALART we were fortunate to be part of this event in 2021, where we had a great experience.

  • We had the opportunity to learn about various efficient construction methods for industrialization. In the various stands of the event we met systems that provide a much more sustainable vision of construction.
  • We did not stop learning, thanks to all those interested who came to our stand and gave us their opinions on our Steel Frame system. 

In addition, we participated in various talks and conferences, where STALART CEO Manuel Marrama gave visibility to the Steel frame construction system, talking about its characteristics and advantages. 

REBUILD EXPO 2023, a new opportunity
Our experience at REBUILD Expo was very satisfactory, therefore, in 2023 we sought to improve the experience by focusing on meeting certain objectives such as:

  • Strengthen our brand as a benchmark in the sector. At STALART we are convinced that the Steel Frame steel system is the effective and sustainable substitute for the traditional construction method.
  • Increase and improve the relationship with customers and suppliers.
  • Publicize our latest projects. In order to show what it’s like to work through construction with Steel Frame, we will show our latest projects.
  • Meet with our colleagues from Poland. Our colleagues from the Polish headquarters and the Spanish headquarters will meet again at this event, thus reinforcing the ties of the company.
    ¿And that’s it?

Yes … and no, we have told you about our experiences at the Rebuild Expo, our feelings, everything we learned and our objectives, but we have not told you everything.

We have some surprises prepared for this great event that will take place in 2023. See you at Rebuild Expo 2023.