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Speed, the indisputable hallmark of STALART

Speed is of paramount importance in the world of industrialized Steel Frame construction. This swiftness in the construction process provides significant advantages in terms of efficiency, costs, and customer satisfaction. Steel Frame construction allows for a drastic reduction in construction timelines compared to traditional methods, as a substantial portion of the structure is prefabricated in a controlled factory environment. This not only shortens construction times but also minimizes exposure to adverse weather conditions, thus reducing the risk of delays.

Speed in Steel Frame construction also has a positive impact on cost management, as projects are completed more quickly, saving money on labor and other associated expenses. Furthermore, the swift completion of a project enables clients to start using or selling their properties sooner, potentially generating additional income.

Last but not least, speed is essential for meeting the growing demands for housing and commercial buildings in an ever-changing world. Steel Frame construction offers the ability to build faster without sacrificing quality, which is crucial in densely populated urban environments and urgent situations, such as post-natural disaster housing construction.

I would like to learn more about the advantages of industrialized Steel Frame construction and see examples of speed in Steel Frame construction by STALART.

Examples of speed in industrialized construction in Steel Frame by STALART

Location: Madrid

Description: The structure of this residence, installed in record time, has posed a significant challenge to demonstrate that in industrialized construction, the combination of steel frame + planning + digitalization forms a powerful tool for any construction project. 🛠️🏡

Execution Time: STALART, in collaboration with Gesteelframe, has carried out the assembly planning and execution within a 4-day timeframe. ⏱️

Location: Foios (Valencia)

Description: With the arrival of the heat, it’s essential to act quickly and protect yourself, just like in this example of a home expansion with a porch structure executed in one week’s time.

Execution Time: 1 week

Location: Gilet (Valencia)

Description: The envelope of this residence has been installed in 7 working days. Moving forward, the interior and exterior finishes will be carried out by a local conventional construction company.

Cleanliness – Efficiency – Precision

Execution Time: 7 working days

Location: Segorbe (Castellón de La Plana)

Description: Installation of partitions inside a 180m2 clinic. The decision to choose STALART’s structural product was based on:

– Speed,
– Cleanliness,
– No waste,
– Preparation of reinforcements in walls for suspended furniture,
– Customized installation pathways for utilities,
– Reinforcements in areas with hanging sliding doors.

Execution Time: 1 day

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