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Types of cladding and slabs used by our clients / partners in the cladding of our structures

The enclosures are made up of different light layers placed dry on both sides (intrados extrados) of the structure, allowing quick installation. These layers can be adapted according to the technical needs of thermal and acoustic insulation of each project. This type of enclosure has two main advantages:
  • Reduced thickness, facing brick or concrete enclosures, allowing a greater interior surface.
  • Better insulation performance, since the layers respond to technical needs and do not need to be load-bearing

Enclosure with continuous insulation from the outside:

The floors are made up of mixed concrete slabs with a collaborating sheet. The advantages of this type of slab are:
  • It is not necessary to form or prop up: The collaborating sheet works as formwork and avoids propping, allowing a faster construction.
  • Reduced depth: the corrugated metal sheet works together with the concrete by means of connectors allowing reduced slab edges, adaptable according to project needs.

Mixed slab slab with collaborating sheet:

Depending on the needs of the project, roofs can be designed in two ways:



  • Roof on slab: solution to support higher loads, as in the case of walkable roofs, for example.
  • Deck cover: lightweight solution to run on non-passable deck

“Deck” type roof solution: