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The Construction of the Future: STALART Promotes Steel Frame in Girona

Last week, we were in Girona, organizing a series of theoretical and practical workshops at the GIPCE (Gremi de Promotors i Constructors d’Edificis de Girona). We focused on the transformative potential of the steel frame system, with the participation of companies such as Thermochip and MO Arquitectura.

This experience was not only a testament to our commitment to innovation and education but also a valuable opportunity to strengthen ties, deeply understand market needs, and project solutions that truly make a difference.


A Gathering of Great Minds

From the outset, our goal was clear: to create a space where professionals, enthusiasts, and the curious within the industry could immerse themselves in the world of steel frame, sharing knowledge, debating ideas, and exploring new possibilities. The workshops, designed to blend theory and practice, provided participants with a comprehensive view of the most advanced techniques, emerging trends, and current challenges in the industry.

Mutual Learning and Enrichment

By opening our doors to the community, we not only shared our knowledge and experience but also gained significant external perspectives. This feedback is vital for our company, as it helps us refine our approach, improve our solutions, and ultimately, better serve our clients and the industry at large.

Forging Synergies for the Future

Collaborating with Thermochip and MO Arquitectura not only strengthened our event but also cemented a relationship based on deep understanding and mutual respect. These kinds of synergies are what we believe will propel STALART and our partners towards new horizons of success. They allow us to combine our strengths, share our visions, and work together towards common goals, always with a focus on innovation and excellence.

Steel Frame and STALART, Looking Forward

The experience in Girona has been a confirmation of our mission: to lead by example, drive change, and promote the adoption of sustainable and efficient construction solutions. The workshops were not only a showcase of what is possible when passion meets innovation but also a reminder of the importance of collaboration in the growth and development of our industry.

At STALART, we see ourselves not merely as providers of advanced construction solutions; we consider ourselves an integral part of a community that is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible. This event is just one example of how, by working together, we can face challenges, transform visions into realities, and most importantly, build a more sustainable and efficient future for everyone.

Acknowledgments and Next Steps

We want to express our sincerest thanks to all those who participated in the workshops, from speakers to attendees, for their enthusiasm, commitment, and willingness to explore new ideas. Their participation was essential for the success of the event and inspires us to continue with even more ambitious projects.

We are more motivated than ever to continue our work of innovation in the construction sector. We are exploring new collaborations, developing innovative projects, and constantly seeking ways to improve our practices.