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STALART strengthens bonds in a brotherhood gathering in La Vall d’Uixó

On Friday, January 12, STALART, the leading company in steel frame manufacturing in Spain, organized a special experience for the entire team and international clients. This unique event, bringing together clients from Greece, Germany, and Poland, not only celebrated excellence in steel structure manufacturing but also solidified the brotherhood that binds STALART with its global collaborators.

Prior to the event, STALART’s CEO, Manuel Marrama, showcased ongoing projects to the visitors, sharing his vision and passion for the industry. The site visits were not only an opportunity to demonstrate STALART’s dedication to quality and innovation but also to strengthen the connection with clients.

After the visits, the stage was set for a brotherhood gathering at La Villa el Fondo, located in La Vall d’Uixó and surrounded by vast orange groves. The gathering featured a barbecue that marked the beginning of a day filled with fun and laughter. Team members shared anecdotes, experiences, and the passion that drives each project. Clients, in turn, shared their perspectives, creating an exchange that transcended mere business transactions.

As the sun bid farewell on the horizon, the day came to an end. This event was not just a celebration of shared achievements but also a reminder that at STALART, we build more than steel structures; we build relationships that withstand the test of time.”