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Success of the Steel Frame system after the visit of our promoters

Steel Framing construction system success

Last week we received a visit from some of our clients from Germany, Italy, Scotland, Belarus and Poland. During the meeting we took the opportunity to visit some of our construction projects in Steel Framing active in the municipalities of Foios and Albalat ( Valencia ). Each of these projects is in different phases of the construction process and have specific steelframing characteristics.

Éxito del sistema Steel Frame. Empezamos visitando la promoción de Foios, Valencia

Success of the Steel Frame system is due to an industrialized construction system that is based on the use of structural steel profiles, along with other components, for the creation of different projects, both industrial and residential. 

In order to develop our promotion system, We made this visit with some of our international clients to discuss different topics related to the scalability of the steelframe system or the planning and traction of projects. We consider that these types of meetings are essential to achieve excellent results, as well as rapid returns on investment and profitability. Those are just some of the many benefits that the Steel Frame offers. Next, we will develop its main benefits.

¿Why success of the Steel Frame system?

  • Agility: allows the handling of materials without the need to use elevators or a lot of labor.
  • Durability: structures made with a minimum useful life of 300 years without maintenance.
  • Resistance: each step is custom designed in order to ensure its resistance.
  • Accuracy: use of technological systems that ensure millimeter results.
  • Speed: its quick and easy application allows reducing construction times compared to traditional systems.
  • Cost control: thanks to efficient advance planning, it allows optimizing the design phase and carrying out cost control of the entire process.
  • Energy cost: the construction process does not need as much energy consumption compared to conventional systems, this allows reducing costs, as well as optimizing energy savings.

Thanks to all the advantages offered by the steelframe model, the visit with the promoters was a complete success. Proof of this is their proactivity throughout the visit, as well as the different questions asked or the experiences and concerns shared regarding constructive differences in different countries.

During the last section of the visit, we made a final stop to our Steel Frame profile manufacturing facilities in La Vall d’Uixó, where they visited our factory and we were able to show them our work system, as well as some of the projects with which we currently work and future projects to be carried out throughout the Spanish territory, such as steel frame projects in Barcelona, Madrid, Valenia or Córdoba

The production process shown during the meeting is carried out using numerical control machines. A process strictly related to design that allows obtaining certified and optimized products. This process, entirely BIM, allows the exact transfer of the executive project to the resulting manufactured model.

This system allows planning the entire process, as well as its traceability, one of the main characteristics of our product. It is an industrialized construction system, based on linear elements structures of galvanized cold shaped steel. These structures make up a supporting framework that can act both as a vertical structure and as a horizontal structure. This system allows optimizing the relationship between weight and resistance necessary to support the steelframing structure.

¿How do we work at STALART?

The world is constantly evolving, our way of working too. At STALART we know that dry design and construction is the best way to face a construction project, not only because of its advanced system adapted to new times, but also for its safety and reliability.

Currently, we work with specialized software that allows us to have the latest technologies of productive capacity and offer solutions to the problems it has in the traditional construction sector. Among them we highlight the resolution capacity against errors that may arise in terms of construction times, performance, costs or durability of the system.

Our industrialized system allows the exact millimeter precision that the execution of a project of such important magnitudes as a residence or an industrial space can be. It also allows us the option of working with known and invariable costs and the construction of safe and sustainable buildings with less environmental impact. To all this we add the obtaining of a very high performance in terms of energy and acoustic efficiency.

STALART philosophy

Faced with all the advantages that #steelframing offers, at STALART we are very clear about what objectives we meet and what problems we solve compared to traditional models. For this reason, our philosophy throughout the process is based on three fundamental pillars: 

  • EXACT 

Thanks to these three factors, we are not only manufacturers, but rather PLANNERS. We focus 100% on each of our projects. We not only supply cold-formed steel profiles, but also justify and view the project in terms of structure. 

Our objective is to offer a very active role in each of the phases of the project, participating in its design and optimization together with the architect, accompanying the builder during the selection of the materials that will make up the enclosure layers and throughout the construction process, fully managing the project for the investor and actively collaborating with the promoter when selecting the project, as well as the actors who will participate in each of its phases. 

If you are interested in learning about this industrialized construction system, contact us.