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2800m² hotel with steel frame structure

Project currently in the offsite manufacturing process for the STALART facade frames of this magnificent hotel 🏨.

2,800 m² of steelframe structure perfectly combined with its primary hot-formed steel structure.

This is, without a doubt, the best combination of systems to achieve an impressive cruising speed 🚀 while ensuring a result of the highest precision 📐.

It is a product designed from the outset to meet high standards of sustainability, comfort, and energy efficiency.

A top-tier final product 🔝, with a lightweight facade system 🍃, allowing for meticulous design 💻 of every detail from the very early stages of the project. This enables the factory 🏭 to anticipate the installation process and have a large part of the process resolved on site 🏗️.

STALART – Building has never been easier –